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DECEMBER 22, 2018
Due to the amount of time it takes to process exam credits, they will expire on or before December 22, there will be no exceptions. In some cases, exam credits will not have the full six-month validity.

DECEMBER 31, 2018
Last day to access the Study Tools and take the legacy MPR/DSP/ECO/SMR exams! Please note that it can take up to 24 hours to process an ATT, we recommend you purchase and schedule your exam(s) now.


If a candidate fails their exam, they will be eligible to purchase a retake exam directly through the website. Candidates must also keep in mind that they MUST wait 14 days before they can schedule their retake exam. Note: Candidates may test on the 15th day.

For those candidates whose authorizations expire by December 31st, we recommend that you test before the end of November, due to the busy holiday season. All legacy exam administrations will be discontinued by December 31. Candidates who miss testing by that date, will not be able to extend their authorizations. This includes technical issues at the testing center, absent exams, or site availability. By testing before November, this would allow APICS to assist candidates before the deadline, should any issues arise.

Exam credits or ATT’s cannot be transferred or credited over to the new CPIM Part 1 or Part 2 exams.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service at


The APICS offices are closing at 1:00 pm CT to allow employees to safely travel for a U.S. holiday. We will re-open at 6:00 am CT on Monday, November 26. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.