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How to prepare for the CPIM Exams

APICS provides a number of tools and resources to support candidates in their journey toward certification. find the learning option that works best for you, self-study, online courses or classroom instruction.


Learn on your own anytime, day or night, to accommodate your demanding schedule. APICS offers a variety of self-study resources.

CPIM Self-Study Kit - The kit for each CPIM module includes the APICS CPIM Self-Study Guide, Exam Content Manual (ECM) and Exam Simulator. Kits are available in both printed and electronic formats.

APICS Online - Powered by Accenture - These online courses cover the CPIM body of knowledge for each module in a convenient and flexible format. The kit also includes the ECM and the Exam Simulator for each module, and a reference sheet to direct the student on how to use the courseware and materials.

CPIM Exam Simulator - This preparation tool familiarizes candidates with the web-based exams for each of the five CPIM modules. With over 300 practice questions per module, the questions are aligned with the current ECM.


Register to learn online with college support - Instructor-supported online courses are offered through Fox Valley Technical College, which provides online APICS CPIM review courses that are interactive and easily navigated. All workshops are taught by instructors who have earned APICS certification and have years of supply chain management experience. Visit Fox Valley Technical College for more information on the APICS CPIM Online Classes.

Learn through a home study course - Develop your knowledge and skills in the essential areas of materials management and integrated resource management through the MGI Management Institute home study correspondence course.


Local classes are offered by recognized APICS instructors for our local chapters (200 in North America) or international partners (100 outside North America). 

Find an APICS classroom course near you     Purchase the CPIM Participant Workbooks

Additional CPIM Study Tools & Support

APICS Dictionary & App

Master terms and definitions that you’ll find on APICS exams with the current edition of the APICS Dictionary. This is the most comprehensive reference for supply chain and operations terminology—one you’ll find yourself turning to time and time again throughout your career. APICS PLUS members receive a free edition.

Exam Content Manual
The CPIM Exam Content Manual provides guidance for individuals preparing for the APICS CPIM exam. The content outline is divided into major topic areas, and the relative emphasis of each of the topics is indicated by a percentage figure. Use this to guide your exam preparation—whether you study on your own, attend a class taught by an APICS partner, or are a part of a corporate learning group.

Exam References
APICS has the best educational resources available to help you build your knowledge of industry practices and to support your certification exam preparation.

Supply Chain Channel Online Community
Find a study group. Start a discussion. There are many ways to connect with other professionals through the Supply Chain Channel. The APICS community is here to support your efforts to increase your knowledge and enhance your skills. 

Interested in Corporate or Group Learning? Contact APICS for Business