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Expand your supply chain management credentials 

Measuring your progress toward the ASCM Risk Management Certificate

ASCM offers a comprehensive, forward-looking program that will prepare you to participate in the development of a global risk mitigation strategy. By earning this certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to protecting your employer from supply chain risk and your ability to balance rewards and risks in the decision-making process.

Earning the ASCM Risk Management Certificate

To earn the certificate, you must complete 12 total contact hours of ASCM education, 7 from the core topics and 5 from the elective topics. To earn the ASCM Risk Management Certificate, you must complete 1 contact hour in each of the following core required topics: 

RMC1 Basics of risk management*
RMC4 Assessing risk*
RMC5 ERM framework*
RMC6 Risk organizational structures*
RMC7 Governance, risk and compliance*
RMC8 Controlling risk*
RMC9 Risk and supply chain management*

Plus 5 contact hours in elective topics. 

Five or more contact hours of elective topics for the Risk certificate will be presented at ASCM 2019. Qualifying sessions will be noted in the conference program materials.

*Content for these hours is covered in the Risk Management Seminar

Ways to complete educational hours: 

  • Risk Management Seminars
    These 7-hour events give you a comprehensive look at managing, mitigating, and planning for your organization. One Risk Management Seminar gives you all 7 of the required core topics toward the Risk Management Certificate.

  • Threatcasting Seminars 
    These events give you a comprehensive look at identifying, resolving, and strategizing around future organizational threats.  One Threatcasting Seminar provides each of the 5 elective topics toward the Risk Management Certificate. 
  • ASCM 2019
    Earn 1 credit hour for each Risk session offered (six sessions total) at ASCM 2019.
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Tracking your progress toward earning the 
ASCM Risk Management Certificate

Download the Risk Management Certificate transcript to log core and elective educational sessions for the certificate. Once you have completed the requirements, submit the transcript to for processing.

Additional Resources

Interested in learning more? Watch this brief narrated presentation by Gregory L. Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Adjunct Professor at Villanova University and Lehigh University, to learn how to manage and mitigate risk in your supply chain.

You can also visit the Risk compilation of the online SCM Now Magazine, which gathers all the risk management-related content from SCM Now into one convenient location.