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Meghan Birt Lawrence
Weir Minerals

Member since 2011

“What interested me the most [in an ASCM Membership] was getting to learn more real-life supply chain practices ”

Meghan officially joined APICS in February, 2011 as a student member.  Her academic advisor was active on the board of directors and she invited a handful of students to attend an APICS event in Madison.  Meghan took advantage of the opportunity to meet professionals in the field she was majoring in and decided to go.  “What interested me the most was getting to learn more real-life supply chain practices versus just learning from a college textbook.  I liked networking and honing in on and improving my communication skills.”  Now as a professional, she still enjoys APICS for the same reasons – education and networking.  

One of the most valuable assets she’s gained in her career are the relationships that she developed with coworkers in Madison and suppliers around the globe.  As a buyer for Weir Minerals North America in Madison, Wisconsin, Meghan is responsible for managing the orders placed to Weir Group’s companies in Malaysia, China, Brazil, Chile and India. She also oversees orders to domestic suppliers for bearings and rubber material. Because she is the only buyer who handles material transfers from Malaysia to Madison, it’s important for her to closely monitor any hiccups in production. This allows her to stay ahead of demand. She has taken on a lot of responsibility for this material which has high visibility with upper management. She strives to never shy away from new challenges and hopes to move into a management position by the age of 30.

Meghan has had many rewarding experiences as an ASCM Member.  In her last two years at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville as an APICS student member / Madison APICS Board Member (Student Liaison), she participated in the Great Lakes District Student Case Competition, representing her university.  Of that experience, Meghan shared, “I think these competitions are an excellent opportunity for students to learn from one another and get exposed to real life situations you may come across in a supply chain/operations career”. 

She has attended 3 Great Lake District Meetings and found them very encouraging. Seeing the passion that others have for being involved and volunteering for an organization that helps so many people advance their careers has been inspirational. Last year, she was asked to put together a presentation, along with her co-board member Liz Corbett, on how the Madison chapter attracts a younger demographic than most other chapters.  Madison differs from other chapters in that most of the board this year is made up of Millennials.  

In 2015, Meghan attended her first APICS Conference in Las Vegas. Finding her experience valuable, she attended APICS 2016 as president of the Madison APICS Chapter. 

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