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Jeremy Burek
Director, Application Outsourcing
Kellogg Company

Member since 1999
Certifications held: CPIM, CIRM, CSCP

“Joining APICS…was a way for me to continue to grow my base of knowledge, network with like minded-individuals ”

During his career, Jeremy Burek, CPIM, CIRM, CSCP, has moved through different supply chain areas but always found that ASCM Membership and education helped him connect the dots along the way. “I joined APICS in 1999. Joining APICS and obtaining APICS certification was a way for me to continue to grow my base of knowledge, network with like-minded individuals, stay current with process and technology advances, and also help validate my knowledge with my current employer and potential future employers.”

After working at Intel, Burek moved to Kellogg Company in 2008. There, he transitioned to multiple leadership roles supporting different functional areas. He has held the titles of director of procurement and manufacturing applications, director of enabling applications, and most recently, director of application outsourcing. 
 “The APICS body of knowledge has applied to my work very differently throughout my 20 years of work experience,” he explains. No matter where his career takes him next, Burek is confident that APICS has prepared him for the future. “I find myself well positioned for success, either continuing my career within IT or transitioning back to the [production planning and procurement] business.”

Burek strives to help others in their career paths and support the future of supply chain talent through his volunteer work with APICS. “I have volunteered … for APICS, most recently as a mentor at the annual conference in 2011,” he says. “For APICS to be successful, membership needs to continue to grow and continue to bring in new and younger members. Mentoring college students just entering the workforce will help drive their engagement and future growth within APICS.”

Burek adds that mentoring these students has been a fulfilling experience for him as a professional. “I think volunteering for APICS provides a different perspective than your normal job responsibilities,” he says. “It allows an individual to deliver results and provide input into something that will benefit the greater good.”

As a member of the APICS Chicago Chapter, Burek also enjoys attending local and national meetings for the personal and professional networking opportunities they provide. He has found similarly beneficial networking opportunities at the APICS annual conference, meeting with presenters and their companies to learn how he can do his job better and help his company improve its operations.

Burek is excited about the future prospects APICS will offer him on his career path and looks forward to his continued membership and involvement for years to come.

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