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Employees are the most important assets of any organization. A trained and knowledgeable staff can be the difference between the success and failure of any endeavor, especially in today’s economy. This is why it’s important for you to attend APICS 2014. This supply chain conference is the most relevant, applicable supply chain and operations management event of the year. You’ll return to your company with skills and knowledge that will help move your entire team to a new level of performance. Get support today by sharing with your manager the top five reasons why you should attend APICS 2014. Or  click here to download a a letter to share with your boss. 

Top five reasons APICS 2014 attendance is beneficial to you and your company:

1. Relevant. The APICS 2014 educational program focuses on critical, cutting-edge topics that are of high value and importance to supply chain and operations management professionals.

2. Applicable. Attend the conference and gain access to global best practices and the means to implement them through hands-on workshops, case studies and panel discussions.

3. Innovative. Emerging issues and special-interest topics covered in the educational program will help you implement solutions at work.

4. Valuable. In only three days, you’ll gain access to exceptional education that will help you identify ways to improve supply chain performance.

5. Transferable. Copies of the slides used during presentations are included in your registration, enabling you to share this information with your colleagues. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to move your supply chain career forward. Register today