Certification maintenance points

Earn up to 24 points toward your APICS certification maintenance with your full conference attendance.

Valuable education to help ensure your knowledge is current

Join APICS in Orlando for APICS 2013 to attend educational sessions, panel discussions, and plant tours that will help you ensure your knowledge and skills are current.

Need more information on APICS certification maintenance? Click to visit the APICS certification maintenance section of apics.org.

Make APICS 2013 a valuable part of your APICS certification maintenance

  • 24 points for attending the full APICS 2013 conference
  • 6 points per year for being an APICS member (5 years total, or 30 maintenance points)
  • 7 points for attending an APICS seminar
  • 15 points for serving as a member of an APICS Certification committee

24 points 30 points 7 points 15 points 76 maintenance
Conference    Membership    Seminar    Certification committee   points