APICS 2014 World Café–Developing Your Global Workforce

 Tuesday, October 21 | 8:00−9:30 a.m. 

oday’s boundaryless marketplace is changing the way supply chain and operations management professionals think about their human capital. As organizational structures advance and evolve, new and often challenging talent requirements arise. Join the discussion at the APICS 2014 World Café to share strategies for finding, engaging, and maintaining top talent across cultures and countries. This is a unique opportunity to brainstorm ways to overcome fierce competition for qualified labor, provide effective training and education, manage time and productivity, and much more. Participants will move from table to table, adding their perspectives to each conversation. The result is an interactive and enlightening idea exchange that can motivate and inform your own workforce development strategy.


APICS is proud to announce the World Café moderator! 

Mike Wagner
Founder, White Rabbit Group

Mike Wagner is a skilled communicator, facilitator and business consultant who believes you must “keep creating” to be successful. He formed White Rabbit Group 10 years ago to inspire and assist organizational leaders in creating remarkable customer experiences that set them apart from their competition.

Wagner develops engaging presentations, trainings and facilitations for clients from his vast work experiences with small- and medium-sized enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and leading non-profit organizations. He brings ideas to life through compelling stories to help clients see their path to success.

Wagner speaks and trains across the nation on leadership, creativity and personal development, while also working on-site with organizational leaders to facilitate the creation of remarkable customer experiences.

Unable to attend APICS 2014? Don't miss out on World Café. View the livestreaming and join the conversation.