Special plant tour

If you are attending one of the following plant tours, please be aware they have special requirements for your time while at the facilities.

Mitsubishi Power Systems

Identification: US Citizens must show a US driver's license. If you do not maintain a resident alien status, a passport will be needed for identification upon arrival.

Attire: Long slacks must be worn; shorts, halter or sleeveless tops are not allowed. Flat, closed-toe, non-slip shoes must be worn. No high heels or sandals will be allowed on the shop floor.

No cameras or picture taking will be allowed in the shop at any time.

Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Systems & Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (MFC)

Identification: Only US Citizens are allowed – no foreign nationals and some type of ID is required (Drivers licenses ok)

Attire: Closed-toed shoes will be required for all attendees; Women should not wear heels over 2.5 inches