Learning paths

The APICS 2014 learning paths are created specifically to meet your needs as a supply chain and operations management professional.

Collaboration and S&OP
A great sales and operations planning (S&OP) process demands great collaboration; however, a collaborative culture can be difficult to foster. Clear vision, trust, common purpose and effective communication are just some of the necessary elements. Businesses that master this art will use S&OP to measure progress, model demand and supply, and achieve a forecast that all stakeholders understand. This learning path will help you and your teams work together to create a truly dynamic supply chain.

Operational Efficiency Basics
Operational efficiency is about delivering products that meet customer needs with the optimal amount of effort. This can be achieved by fine-tuning the delicate balance between quality and expense with regard to assets, people, and capabilities. This learning path will help you maximize your resources via more effective production, scheduling, inventory management and quality control practices, as well as the selection and application of the right technologies. Presenters will demonstrate how to accelerate operations, simplify and standardize core processes, reduce waste and establish better targets.

Operational Efficiency Advanced
Leading supply chain professionals relentlessly work to strengthen competitive positioning and boost the bottom line. Operational efficiency is an essential part of this, as it provides key insight into how to capitalize on resources, identify and adjust flawed processes, and bring about sustainable progress. The ability to rapidly adjust plans and install an ongoing cycle of improvement will be revealed on this learning path. Discover how to detect impending problems, heighten productivity and prioritize activities based on their value to the organization.

Professional Development
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Over the last decade, supply chain management as a career has evolved at an incredible pace, and businesses are clamoring for new talent. Top professionals guide tactical planning and execution efforts to position their organizations for success. They also anticipate, control and manage volatility; are agile and responsive; think strategically; and much more. Educational sessions in this learning path will provide information, knowledge and training to help you prepare for the next stages in your career.

Risk and Resiliency
Supply chain risk is on the rise, largely because of the effect of globalization and its ability to exponentially multiply the impact of a single event. Educational sessions in this learning path will outline practical and proven approaches for addressing today’s challenges. While it is impossible to predict and prepare for every risk, you will learn how to foster resilience in your supply chain, proactively manage vulnerabilities and recover quickly after a disaster strikes. Presenters will help you use greater visibility, teamwork and control to strengthen your business.

Supply Chain Business Analytics
Data proliferation, faster processing speeds, global connectivity, and related forces have aligned to create a vast and powerful analytics market. In this learning path, you will discover how emerging tools can help supply chain professionals address many challenges and make smarter decisions. Presenters will explain why high-quality data is so valuable and often very difficult to uncover, strategies for identifying industry patterns and trends, and how more thorough analysis can help you turn an explosion of data into a wealth of knowledge.

Supply Chain Innovation
Forward-looking global supply chains will lead our future marketplace, and their networks will be defined by innovation excellence. The productive use of resources enables these industry visionaries to cultivate groundbreaking ways to advance and evolve. Educational sessions in this learning path will illustrate how to link innovation to strategy; guide, encourage, and coordinate new ideas; implement plans; and measure value. You will be inspired to devise new products—as well as inventive methods for building them—to beat the competition.

Supply Chain Professional Leadership
Supply chains that span continents and advance industries require dynamic systems, strategies and leaders. This learning path provides the tools you need to become a key decision maker within your organization. The supply chain conference presenters will offer proven tactics for creating a demand-driven value network; integrating internal and external functions; enhancing collaboration; and creating opportunities, rather than merely responding to them. You will help your company excel in a global economy that has redefined the rules of competition.