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The ASCM CONNECT Annual Conference Toolkit is here!

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The following resources are now available to help your members and/or students learn about the upcoming conference.  Feel free to post this information on your website or use the images and text for an e-mail campaign.

Official event website: - This is the best place for finding more on scheduling, logistics and registration.

Sample E-Mail Text: A great resource for setting up an e-mail blast

ASCM CONNECT Brochure: A high level event overview that can be attached to an e-mail or posted on your website.  (Note: If you choose to share this document, please be sure either attach it directly to your email or link it to your own website, the link on this website will only work for C-BOX users).

ASCM CONNECT Banner 1: Ideal for posting on a website or including in e-mail content.

ASCM CONNECT Banner 2: Ideal for posting on a website or including in e-mail content.

ASCM CONNECT Banner 3: Ideal for posting on a website or including in e-mail content.

E-commerce referral program (phase 2)  

ASCM launched an e-commerce referral program in July 2021 for the ASCM chapter and forum community. Based on feedback from our global partner network, we are updating and expanding the program to advance ASCM strategic objectives. Updates consider: 

  • ASCM global brand recognition: Globally strengthen ASCM brand recognition by leveraging our partners’ presence in their regions.  

  • Omnichannel solutions for the global end-customer: Provide more options for the ASCM end customer and support partners who offer an omnichannel distribution model, whether the partner serves as the final solution provider or directly refers the self-study student to ASCM. 

  • Acknowledge the impact of instructor-led training: The updated referral program supports this partner-driven model in areas of the world where instructor-led training has a significant impact as ASCM expands its product offering.  

For additional information on the forthcoming commission structure, please review the partner referral program presentation.  

International for-profit partner regional program 

Online training is now widely adopted by the majority of ASCM global training partners. The virtual nature of course delivery has also accelerated the regionalization of course fulfillment and delivery.  

To align with the online public course environment and provide our partners with greater market reach and opportunities, ASCM plans to release this new program and update the contractual requirements with our premier elite and premier international partners. The ASCM chapters’ existing territory, country goals and performance metrics will remain the same in 2022. 

The ASCM market regions for global training partners include: 

  • Africa 

  • Asia Pacific 

  • Central and South America 

  • Europe 

  • Middle East, including Egypt  

Find more information here.


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