ASCM Chapters: New Strategic Planning Guide & Business Plan Template Available

To help ASCM Chapters become familiar with and align to the Global Training Partner Program, the ASCM Sales & Marketing workgroup created a Strategic Planning Guide as a resource; it is not mandatory. Use this to define your strategy and align your goals to your Chapter's annual scorecard.

ASCM Chapter Strategic Planning Guide - PPT / PDF
After you and your board work through the Strategic Planning Guide, we encourage you to populate the Chapter Business Plan Template. A business plan is a blueprint for success. It articulates your business goals and clarifies your path to achieving those goals. If you need help or have questions, we encourage you to post your question to the Global Training Partner Group in ASCM CONNECT Community. This private community is for ASCM Partners to share, engage and learn from one another. 

Strategic Planning Guide Review August 11, 2021

Marketing Resources
Should you need assistance developing copy for promotions, please refer to the 2021 Partner Content Marketing Guide. The 2021 ASCM Brand Standards will help to ensure brand compliance.  

Membership Resources 

If you need help developing your local engagement strategy, be sure to review the membership resources. These tools were designed to help you define your membership strategy and target audiences so you can achieve or exceed your membership recruitment and retention metrics. 

North American Chapters and North America For-Profit Partners


Key North American Chapter Management Downloads

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