Brand Alignment: May 1 Deadline Has Passed

Thank you to all of those who worked to align your Chapter and Forum brands by May 1. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. We have noticed several have yet to migrate social media accounts. Please audit your social platforms to make sure the logos, name references and website links have been updated. 

For those who haven't aligned your branding, we would like to remind you that compliance is mandatory. 
Failure to align you branding will result in:

  • Removal from Partner Finder - people won't be able to find your Chapter or Forum during the join/renew process and you will no longer appear in the Learning Opportunities search.
  • No longer being able to purchase ASCM materials at the discounted partner rate. 

ASCM staff created a Brand Alignment webinar detailing what Chapters and Forums need to do. ASCM Chapter and Forum logos were sent to you by email from Channel and contained links to download your new logos. Additionally, we have developed the following collateral:

ATTN: Non-StarChapter Users
Once you have completed your brand alignment tasks, please let us know by completing this form.


Chapter/Forum Website Updates

StarChapter Users
If you are a StarChapter user, you have two options:
1. Migrate to the new M Series template (will come at a cost to you). Sites will take a minimum of 3 weeks to migrate. 
2. Remain in the current template, update your logo, references to your name and align to brand standards.  

Both of these options require you to submit a ticket (from within the StarChapter admin portal). StarChapter will assist in aligning you to the new sub-domain structure. It is imperative that you reach out to StarChapter ASAP if you have not done so already. 

If you need financial assistance covering the cost of the transition, please contact, and we can explore some options with you.

To ensure you receive StarChapter emails, you need to go login to the admin. Within the header on right side click on the life ring icon. Once you click on that it will show any tickets in the drop down. It’s important to know that communication with StarChapter support is done through the ticketing system, not via emails. Please watch for these communications and respond in a timely manner.

Forwarding/Redirecting to Your New ASCM Site

For APICS chapter websites that had HTTPS links, your APICS URLs will not be able to be forwarded (redirected) to your new ASCM site. This is because the SSL Certificates will no longer be available. This means if someone goes to your APICS webpage after your site migrates to the new ASCM sub-domain, they will get a Page Not Found error instead of the page redirecting to your new site. If they have your current site bookmarked, they will get this same issue. If your APICS chapter website used only HTTP links, this will not be an issue. 

To help people using Internet search browsers find your site, we recommend you review StarChapter's resources for SEO and place your APICS name within you SEO and meta tags. StarChapter provides the following resources to help you do this: 

A Basic SEO Overview  |  How to use Meta Tags 

This will help to improve your unpaid search rank should someone search for your APICS name. Google indexes sites daily, so if they search for your new name, the results should pull your new site.  

Let Your Customers and Members Know 

To ensure your customers and members continue to have a positive experience, we encourage you to personalize these Customer-Member Emails, which will notify your customers and members about the need to save/bookmark you new web page. The first email is to be sent before your site transition. The second email is to be sent after the site change and encourages them to check out your new site. We encourage you to work with StarChapter to determine your site launch date, then personalize these emails before they are sent.  

Non-StarChapter Users

If you are not a StarChapter user and want to remain in your current platform, you will need to update your logo, references to your new name in copy and align your site's branding to the new brand standards. Additionally, you need to use the new sub-domain structure and update your social media accounts. 

Sub-Domain Structure

Part of the brand alignment includes moving Chapter and Forum URLs to a sub-domain structure, e.g., Chapters and Forums that have not provided with your top two options are asked to do so immediately so we can get that finalized.

Additionally, we need you to contact your website hosting provider and let them know your new sub-domain (once finalized with ASCM's partner services team). You will need to ask your web host provider for DNS information (this will typically be an A record, a CNAME record or both) for the new servers (not your current ones). Those DNS values need to be sent to in a copy and paste format - screen shots are harder for us to work with. There may be changes required by your web host provider for the new sub-domain to render properly.  

Using Your New Subdomain for Email
Chapters may choose to use other email addresses for communications, such as chapter officers’ personal email accounts or you can use your new subdomain for email. By providing mail exchange information, ASCM will provide the ability to create subdomain-based email accounts allowing you to configure and manage your email system. Examples include:

support@[chapter]  |  president@[chapter]

To do this, you will need to provide your email host provider with one or more MX records. You/they may also need to procure a new SSL certificate that aligns with the new domain if the site uses HTTPS for security. ASCM can work with your provider to validate those requests.

Need help? See our video tutorial for email migration

It is important to note, ASCM will not be offering web or email hosting services. 

ASCM Forum Planning Guide

The ASCM Forum Planning Guide is a resource for APICS Chapters that are making the transition to ASCM Forums. It is designed to take you on a planning journey.

  • It is descriptive, but not prescriptive.
  • It includes useful context, information, and templates you can incorporate into your planning process.

This guide also is a resource for younger professionals who are just beginning to serve as leaders. The experiences, needs, and relationships young leaders bring to the Forum will be invaluable to creating a plan that attracts and engages members.

ASCM Forums have numerous opportunities to reach and serve members in ways that will create and sustain connections with supply chain professionals over the entirety of their careers.

Be sure to watch this 10-Minute Overview Video of the guide. 

ASCM Forum Planning Guide (updated Dec 8,2020)

Marketing Resources
The following resources are referenced within the Planning Guide.  

Welcome to C-Box.

To access C-Box, please log-in. If you do not have access to C-Box but are an ASCM partner leader, please contact to gain access.