About the New Membership Model

The pandemic has heightened the importance of supply chain at a global level and the role we play within the community. To attract, engage and retain professionals at all stages throughout their careers, we are improving member benefits and streamlining the purchasing process. ASCM will offer one global membership for $99 annually or $10 monthly with two add-on options that can be purchased at any time:
  • Those pursuing an APICS Certification can upgrade their membership to receive deep discounts on courseware and exams for a total of $199.
  • Those interested in local affiliation can join an ASCM Membership Partner for an additional price. 

ASCM Chapter and Forum Partners:

ASCM International Partners:


Review our FAQs or Top Things to Know video to learn more. Please submit any questions to be addressed in future communications and presentations.

Local Membership Dues

This information is confidential and you may not distribute, post or share any details of this communication. 

  • An annual local dues amount is determined by the ASCM Chapter or Forum for the ASCM Online Store
    • Please note, ASCM Chapters and Forums will receive 1/12th of the annual amount for members that select the monthly membership option
  • ASCM Chapters and Forums have the option to update their local dues amount once per year.
  • ASCM Chapters and Forums have the option to offer discounts to eligible membership categories.
  • When purchasing memberships through the Membership Purchasing Tool, you will not need to include payment for your Chapter/Forum dues.
  • You will continue to receive quarterly distribution of rebates for the full amount paid for by the member.  Length of Uninterrupted Membership (LUM) is no longer a calculation for the rebate amount.
  • The ASCM Local Engagement Guide and Companion Workbook can help you calculate the price of your membership dues and define your value proposition. We encourage you to reference them for guidance. 

    Member Partners: Unique Value Propositions

    To encourage local membership, ASCM presents prospective members with your local dues amount and your unique value proposition. These elements appear in the Join/Renew, Bundle and My Account purchasing processes. You are allowed 255 characters (that includes spaces) for your Chapter or Forum’s unique value proposition. You can alter this copy at any time using Partner Connect. If you do not enter your Chapter or Forum’s unique value proposition, there will not be a descriptor shown to help prospects understand why they should join your Chapter/Forum.

    To input or revise your Unique Value Proposition:

    1. Log in to ASCM.org with our Username and Password
    2. Click on My Account on the top right corner
    3. Click on Partner Connect on the left navigation. This step could take up to few minutes in our testing environment. 
    4. Click on Partner Profile on the left navigation
    5. Scroll down and find “Value Proposition” (below Service Offered).  
    6. Enter in your copy and click on the Save button. 

    The box directly below the “Value Proposition” box is your Partner Description that appears in the Find a Local Partner section of the ASCM website.


    Need help crafting yours? Here are some examples to get you started:

    Chapter descriptor
    The ASCM (NAME) Chapter meets the educational and professional development needs of supply chain professionals in the local area, while offering connection and community through local events and networking.

    Forum descriptor
    The ASCM (NAME) Forum offers a professional, local community of supply chain professionals. Membership helps you engage in meaningful discussions, contribute in ways that drive the profession forward and grow your professional network.


    ASCM Client Referral Program

    ASCM is pleased to introduce the ASCM Client Referral Program for Chapters and Forums.  The referral program includes three pathways to refer inquiries from Forum and Chapter clients to ASCM training organizations.

    Local Membership Engagement

    Local membership engagement provides ASCM membership partners with numerous opportunities to deliver additional value to supply chain professionals. We encourage you to explore and use the following resources to help you build your local strategy. 

    Local Membership Engagement Resources

    ASCM has developed resources to help membership Partners build and execute a local member engagement strategy. Those resources include:

    There is a new page within the ASCM CONNECT Community that provides educational resources for local member and sales enablement. You'll find videos and podcasts that you can share with your leadership teams.

    Podcasts for strengthening local engagement are titled Membership Matters. These podcasts reflect recorded interviews from members of the Local Membership Engagement Workgroup. Podcasts include important topics that will help member organizations drive local engagement and deepen their understanding of critical audiences, such as millennials.  

    Resources for Understanding & Engaging Millennials
    Additionally, it's important to understand the youngest generation in the workforce. This resource can be used by Partners, task forces and workgroups so you may engage millennials in meaningful ways:

    Understanding + Engaging Millennials

    Mentorships can be a great way to provide guidance and share expertise. Successful mentor and mentee relationships take work - from both parties. This resource will help you create and maintain a successful mentor relationship. 

    Building Strong Mentorship Relationships

    Need help with marketing your local engagement opportunities?

    Membership Toolkit

    Recruit and retain ASCM Members using the membership tool kits on this page. 

    Corporate Membership

    Student Materials

    Membership Purchasing Tool

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