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Leadership Central - April 2018

New CLTD bundle has launched!

Certification is pleased to announce the launch of the new CLTD bundle! All CLTD bundle purchases will include a Learning System, an exam and a 2nd Chance Exam*, if needed (restrictions apply).

The CLTD bundle is available for purchase to APICS PLUS members. APICS also offers a bundle + membership product for nonmembers, and CORE members can upgrade** their membership to purchase the CLTD bundle as well.

The candidate exam assignment works the same way as the CPIM bundle process. Partners are able to assign an exam voucher to the candidates, and the candidates then have six months from the time of the original bundle purchase date to redeem their exam credit for an Authorization to Test (ATT). The ATT is valid for six months from the time the candidate redeems their exam credit.

Member Status CLTD LS CLTD Exam Total NON-Bundle CLTD Bundle(includes 2nd Chance Exam, a $250 value)
PLUS member $595 $350 $945 $850
CORE/nonmember $595 $450 $1,045 N/A
PLUS member $695 $400 $1,095 $975
CORE/nonmember $595 $475 $1,170 N/A
PLUS member $895 $475 $1,370 $1,200
CORE/nonmember $1,195 $625 $1,820 N/A
CORE + membership upgrade $40 upgrade + $1,200 bundle $1,240
Nonmember + membership $220 PLUS membership + $1,200 bundle $1,420

Note: The CLTD bundle is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

*Candidates qualify for the 2nd Chance Exam (retake) ONLY when they schedule and take their first exam within 90 days of purchasing their valid Authorization to Test and fail the exam. The 2nd Chance Exam (retake), if issued, is valid for six months.

**CORE members must contact Customer Service to upgrade their membership.

***Network Partners are eligible for Channel Partner Pricing when they purchase 5 or more units of single SKU, for single shipment.

If you have any questions regarding the CLTD bundle, please contact support@apics.org.


Last call for the APICS 2018 Scholars Program!

The Scholars Program is open to current APICS student members. Selected scholars are given the opportunity to attend APICS 2018 in Chicago, network with supply chain professionals and attend educational sessions! Students receive complimentary conference registration, hotel accommodations for three nights and travel support. Applications close on Sunday, April 29, 2018 at midnight. Apply now.

Donations to support a scholar are invaluable! Consider donating to sponsor a specific scholar in your chapter area. APICS must be informed of pledges for sponsorship by May 25, 2018. And please remember that general donations to the APICS Scholars Program are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

Please visit apics.org/scholars for additional information.

Support the supply chain profession by joining the APICS Mentor Program!

APICS is excited to announce the launch of an upgraded mentor center! The new APICS Mentor Center — still exclusively for APICS members — is now available through the Supply Chain Channel.

A mentoring relationship can be a huge benefit to both mentor and mentee in all stages of their careers. This program helps connect individuals looking for guidance with seasoned professionals, providing both with the opportunity to learn from each other, ask questions and share insights.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help make an impact on someone’s career, please consider enrolling today!

Being a mentor does not require a major time commitment, and it does not require a certain job title or career level — anyone can participate! If you haven’t visited the Supply Chain Channel yet, it’s very easy to access. Just log in using your APICS username and password.

Enter the 2018 APICS Awards of Excellence

Entries are now open for the 2018 APICS Awards of Excellence! Nominate yourself, an organization or a colleague who demonstrates superior performance and dedication to the field of supply chain management.

The deadline for entries is May 31, 2018. View the award categories and learn more.

Write for us!

The APICS editors encourage you to submit a feature or “Lessons Learned” article to APICS magazine. Communicating your supply chain knowledge as a published author advances the profession while enabling you to validate your industry expertise and gain certification maintenance points.

Visit apics.org/editorial to see feature article and author guidelines. Then, send your article to editorial@apics.org.

2018 APICS Voluntary Service Awards

Nominate an outstanding APICS member who demonstrates deep commitment to volunteering in his or her chapter and community! Nominations can be made in three categories:


The Voluntary Service Award is based on contributions to the local chapter, community service and contributions to APICS corporate or APICS committees.
The Student Voluntary Service Award is based on contributions to the professional chapter, community service and/or APICS corporate.
The Student Voluntary Service Award is based on contributions to the professional chapter, community service and/or APICS corporate.

The deadline to nominate is June 1, 2018. Nominate a volunteer or learn more about the requirements.

2019 APICS board nominations

On April 30, APICS will begin accepting nominations for the 2019 APICS Board of Directors. Take this opportunity to lead APICS in its mission to help individuals and organizations successfully compete and build a stronger global economy.

To apply or nominate others to the board, please complete the application, available here on April 30. Forms must be received before May 25, 2018 to be considered by the Nominating Committee. Any questions can be directed to Colleen Hays at chays@apics.org.

Open positions:


APICS Board Chair-Elect
APICS Board Treasurer-Secretary
APICS Board of Directors (3)
Young Professional Board Guest (1)

Information materials:

Partner Development Committee – Nominations open soon

The new Partner Development Committee (PDC) will form on May 1, 2018. A call for volunteer nominations will be sent to eligible volunteers soon, with three categories:

  1. The Partner Development Committee (PDC) recommends programs, tools, and strategies to support the growth of North American chapter partners, in alignment with the strategic priorities of APICS and the APICS Global Channel Mission.
  2. The PDC Chapter Development Subcommittee works to develop a culture of chapter innovation that helps support, lead and grow volunteer chapter organizations.
  3. The PDC Sales and Marketing Subcommittee identifies and recommends sales growth strategies for chapter organizations.

Please stay tuned for a follow-up email in your inbox – registration will be open for just a few weeks after the call for nominations is released.

Event highlight: APICS Capítulo México

The APICS Capítulo México chapter went above and beyond to showcase APICS certifications during a recent Logistics Summit. They created three avatars — one representing each certification — and used them for a fun cut-out photo opportunity. Guests were invited to post their photos on Facebook, and the guest with the most “likes” was eligible to win a training session! The avatars and certification colors were also featured in a prominent floor-to-ceiling panel display. See the photos below!



M-Reb quarterly reports

The new quarterly M-Reb report was sent out on March 16, 2018 to chapter presidents, treasurers and membership leaders. All future quarterly M-Reb reports will be posted in Partner Connect as they have been previously. An updated M-Reb FAQ has been posted in C-Box as a helpful resource to guide you on how to read the new report. M-Reb monies will be distributed at the end of April.

Coming soon — you’ll have the ability to see lapsed members within the M-Reb 30-day grace period in Real-Time Reports to support retention efforts.

Questions regarding the new M-Reb report can be sent to chapter@apics.org.


CPIM Part 1 Test with Confidence promotion

Please remind your CPIM Part 1 candidates to schedule their exam before May 15 to qualify for a free retake if needed.

Note: This promotion is intended for first-time test takers only and does not apply to retake exam purchases.

Promotion Details:

No campaign code is needed! This promotion is open to candidates worldwide. No campaign code is needed! This promotion is open to candidates worldwide.
CPIM candidates who are first-time test takers will be offered the free exam retake, if needed, when they sit for their exam between April 1 and May 15, 2018.
No campaign code is needed! This promotion is open to candidates worldwide.
Eligible candidates will receive a free Authorization to Test (ATT), if needed, between May 15 and May 31. The free exam retake ATT expires six months from the issue date.
Candidates who currently hold a valid retake ATT or have scheduled their retake exam between the promotion dates do not qualify for the free retake promotion.
There are no refunds or exchanges for the retake exam.

We will include a link to Partner CPIM Learning Opportunities in the promotional email encouraging candidates to attend a course through their local partner.

If you have any questions regarding these incentives or promotions, please contact exams@apics.org.

CPIM discontinuation reminder

July 1, 2018 is the LAST day to purchase legacy CPIM MPR, DSP, ECO and SMR e-download participant workbooks and the corresponding exams. We would like to remind you to plan accordingly when scheduling classes for your candidates. There will be no exceptions to the July 1 deadline.

CPIM bundle reminder

We would like to remind partners who have purchased CPIM bundles to assign the vouchers for the Part 1 and Part 2 exams as soon as you know the candidates’ names. Instructions on the CPIM Bundling Voucher Distribution Process are located in C-Box.

Current and legacy CPIM exam purchasing

There have been some questions about the CPIM exams regarding the reason candidates see the current Part 1, Part 2 and legacy CPIM exams when they try to make an exam purchase.

If a candidate meets any of the criteria below, regardless of whether or not they took the BSCM, the system automatically shows both the new and legacy (minus BSCM) exams when the candidate tries to purchase an ATT. 

  1. Has taken any of the last four legacy exams
  2. Has paid for any of the last four legacy exams
  3. Has an active exam credit or ATT for a legacy CPIM exam 
  4. Has purchased courseware for any of the last four legacy exams

Please advise your candidates to review their order carefully before completing their exam purchase to ensure they are choosing the correct ATT.

If you have any additional questions, please contact exams@apics.org.


CBAR FAQ now posted

An FAQ document for CBAR has been posted online, addressing questions that were submitted after the release of CBAR 6.0. Chapter presidents, please review the FAQ so your chapter has the most up-to-date information. View on C-Box.

Webinar: “Revitalizing APICS Community Growth: The New Partner Development Committee”
April 26, 12:00 p.m. CT

To address your questions and concerns about the transformation of the District Manager Committee into the new Partner Development Committee, APICS is hosting an informative webinar with extended Q&A. To join, please register for our April 26 webinar.

Webinar: “Corporate Membership Program Overview”
May 10, 12:00 p.m. CT

In February, APICS announced a new Corporate Membership Program addressing enterprise-level corporate memberships for organizations of 100+ employees. If you have questions or would like to learn more about this program, please register for our May 10 webinar.


APICS Headquarters instructor training class schedule

The updated 2018 North America instructor training class schedule, for those classes offered by APICS in Chicago, is now available to view online. Please reach out to idpapps@apics.org if you have questions about this schedule.

IDP Webinar: “Diving into Deep Learning: Exploring APICS AIS and Techniques for Enhancing Learner Retention in F2F and Online Environments”
June 19, 10:00 a.m. CT

Learn new ways to increase student retention in both face-to-face and online environments. You’ll discover techniques that enable you to leverage APICS Learning System tools to drive student-centered learning. We will demonstrate instructional strategies in a sample CLTD session. Register today!


Learning System tip of the month: Using the activities from the online Learning System to support instructor-led learning

Learning activities, exercises and videos are included in students’ online access to the CSCP and CPIM Learning Systems. These tools are available online in the “Study” section and are in addition to the activities the instructor facilitates in the classroom. Instructors can incorporate the tools into their classroom setting in several ways:

In-class discussion. Discuss questions that were difficult, or participate in a high-level discussion of the entire activity and lessons learned.
Homework. Students complete assignments before or after the class lecture, then the instructor checks that they completed the activity using the Learning Activity Completion report in the Learning Analytics Center.
Complete and discuss in class. Students complete the online activities in class during class time using their own devices, then discuss either in small groups or with the entire class.

Instructors who have purchased the instructor kit can access the activities by logging into their Learning System online product access. 

These activities are designed to incorporate concepts learned in the reading materials and help students apply their new knowledge as they prepare for their certification exam.

MARKETING TIP: CLTD Learning System surveys show positive feedback

Recent surveys of CLTD Learning System online users and members/customers interested in CLTD have brought insights into this new certification! You can use some of this information to help make the most of your local course marketing activities. Here are a few highlights:

Primary reason people are interested in CLTD
Become more marketable in my job
Personal interest in LTD
Improve job performance
Top reasons why people use the CLTD Learning System
CLTD exam preparation
Professional development
Certification maintenance
Employer recommendation
Top ways people heard about the CLTD program
APICS website
APICS local partner/chapter
Colleague and/or manager/supervisor
Top challenges of CLTD certification experience
Knowing if I am ready for the exam
Finding time to study

Ordering Learning System materials

Online ordering. Visit the special online ordering portal for APICS partners. Each chapter/partner has a designated person who is set up to place orders.

Log in to: store.partnerrc.com/APICS/partners
Learning Systems
Student slide books
Instructor kits

If you have any questions about ordering, contact:
North American partners—Michele Morrison michelem@holmescorp.com
International partners—Carrie Dahl carried@holmescorp.com


Favorite APICS media coverage in March

Regional Winners Selected in 2018 Case Competition
This article shares information from APICS’s regional case competition press release, including quotes from Abe Eshkenazi and Doug Gish. 

Women Making a Large Impact in Manufacturing
This feature covers the STEP Ahead Awards and outlines findings from the “Women in Manufacturing” study conducted by Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte and APICS. 

Engineering Students Win Regional APICS Competition
Harvey Mudd College’s news outlet published this article detailing the success of their team at the regional APICS student case competition.

APICS bridging the talent gap
This article, stemming from an interview with Dean Martinez, takes a deep dive into APICS’s student case competition. 

How universities are grooming talent for the future supply chain
This article, based upon an interview with Abe Eshkenazi, explores the evolution of supply chain management higher education programs and the importance of grooming supply chain talent early.

Defining What Industries Fit Into The Supply Chain Economy
This contributed article by Abe Eshkenazi provides commentary on how the supply chain economy is categorized and emphasizes the importance of skilled workers. 

Also, press clippings from January through March are now available.

We welcome partners to share the great press we’re receiving—but when you do, please be sure you reference the source and link to the article if it’s online. If the article is print only, you must obtain a licensed reprint in order to share the article.



Best of the Best S&OP Conference | June 14-15 in Chicago

Register before April 27 to save $100 on the leading education and networking event in S&OP. APICS members receive an additional $100 off, for a total savings of $200. Register today!

APICS 2018 | September 30–October 2, 2018 Registration is open!

Join us in Chicago for APICS 2018, the leading supply chain conference! A special edition of Leadership Central regarding APICS 2018 went out on April 16. Check your inbox to learn more about exclusive partner offers and events. Learn more and register today!

Find global learning opportunities near you or explore the APICS 2018 Events Guide for more detail.

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