APICS CPIM Study Tools Self Study

Self-Study Tools for the APICS CPIM Exam

APICS offers several different study options to fit your schedule and learning style. The APICS CPIM self-study tools is perfect if you do not plan to join a CPIM review class or are interested in accessing the APICS CPIM Study Tools before your class has been set up. When you purchase a participant workbook, you will receive an email with the appropriate activation code.

Self-Study Codes: 2014 Participant Workbooks

Copy the appropriate self-study class code provided below and then activate a class to begin the process.

BSCM v4.2 2014 Release Class Code 2106
DSP v5.2 2014 Release Class Code 2107
MPR v4.3 2014 Release  Class Code 2108
ECO v3.3 2014 Release  Class Code 2109
SMR v2.4 2014 Release Class Code 2110

Self-Study Codes: 2013 Participant Workbooks

BSCM v4.1 2013 Release Class Code 101
DSP v5.1 2013 Release Class Code 102
MPR v4.2 2013 Release Class Code 103
ECO v3.2 2013 Release Class Code 104
SMR v2.3 2013 Release Class Code 105

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