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Infographic: Paths to becoming a supply chain manager

Executive Vice President, APICS

Thursday April 14, 2016

The talent shortage for the supply chain industry has been examined very thoroughly over the last few years. Frequently this conversation focuses on educating students and recent graduates on the job market, encouraging them to pursue supply chain careers, or creating better college and graduate level programs to support this career path. There is one angle that is often ignored – hiring. Could the solution be as simple as changing what you are looking for?

Peerless Research Group, Supply Chain Management Review, andAPICS Supply Chain Council recently surveyed supply chain professionals to understand common career pathways and share these insights with new entrants to the field. To do this, the study analyzed backgrounds, education, job experiences, and responsibilities of supply chain professionals. Overwhelmingly, the results showed there are multiple ways to gain the knowledge required for a supply chain manager position. Successful supply chain professionals come from varied backgrounds with diverse educations and levels of experience.

Here’s what we found:


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