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Simple Motivations


Friday November 27, 2015

Yesterday, we celebrated Thanksgiving in the United States. The holiday is meant to give us the opportunity to celebrate with family and friends that for which we are thankful. However, sometimes we get distracted by football, food, travel, or something else. Our working environments also can present us with distractions that make us forget what’s important.

Saturday, Forbes featured “Boosting Employee Motivation with Gratitude,” an important message this day and every day. “Gratitude and motivation in the workplace are permanently entwined with how we conduct ourselves around others,” William Craig writes. “Boost your teams’ motivation by giving them reasons to be more grateful." 

Craig suggests the following tips:
  • Thank your team members for jobs well done. This goes far in showing them how you, as a manager or employer, value them.
  • Get employees involved in overall decision making by asking for feedback on decisions that have already been implemented and those ideas yet to be applied. Craig writes, “This, perhaps more than anything, communicates that you value their time, their expertise, and their worldview.”
  • Give bonuses or time off.
  • Nurture laughter in the workplace. It keeps morale high and can encourage employees to open up and build stronger bonds.
As we move forward toward 2016, and as the supply chain and operations management field expands and becomes increasingly complex, it’s important to remember these simple lessons of gratitude. With that in mind, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to all of you in the APICS community—volunteers, members, staff, and others—who keep APICS the premier professional association for supply chain and operations management. Your dedication inspires me in my work every day. 

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