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Getting Started with APICS eDownloads

APICS eDownloads enable individuals to purchase study materials as secure and protected PDFs. Distribution is controlled, ensuring there will be no violation of APICS copyrights. When a file is purchased, users can download it and save it to their local computers. Certain eDownloads may also be printed. Please review the individual product descriptions for printing availability. This format is available for APICS partners, members, and customers.

System requirements

In order to view the APICS eDownloads document, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro 6.0.1 or higher. For the best experience, we recommend version 8.0 or higher. Download a free copy of Adobe Reader here. Please use authentic Adobe Acrobat software. We cannot guarantee other PDF reading software will work correctly with these documents.

View APICS eDownload documents on computers that run Microsoft Windows XP or later, Apple Macintosh OS X, or Linux, and with sufficient memory and processor resources to open and view complex PDF documents. Please click here to see the Adobe website for additional system specifications.

Please note that we have not tested APICS eDownload documents on every possible combination of hardware and operating system. There may be combinations of these that do not fully support APICS eDownload documents. 

Security Settings

Before opening your new APICS eDownloads document, you must first ensure that your Global Object Security settings are not enabled in Adobe Acrobat.

Instructions for configuring the Global Object Security Policy in Adobe:

  1. Open Adobe Reader.
  2. From the menu bar, select Edit.
  3. Select Preferences from the list.
  4. On the left sidebar, select JavaScript.
  5. Ensure the “Enable global object security policy” option is unchecked.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Close Adobe.
  8. Proceed to open your APICS eDownload.

Getting Started

Soon after ordering your APICS eDownload you will receive an email acknowledgement of your order. This email contains a link to your APICS eDownload document and a license key that is unique to your copy of the document. Please keep this information in a safe place because you will need it again.

  • To make entering your license key easier, we recommend copying the key to your clipboard by highlighting it with your cursor, right-clicking, and selecting Copy.
  • Now you can click on the email link and begin downloading your APICS eDownload.
  • You should choose to download and save the APICS eDownload document. Please do not attempt to open the document in your web browser.

    Before you can download the document, you must read and agree to the terms of the license agreement. Click on the “Accept” button to proceed. If you do not agree, click on the “Decline” button. If you are not ready to proceed or are not using the computer that will be used to access the document, you may click “Cancel” and complete the download process in the future.

  • Once the document has been downloaded and saved to your computer, you may open the document in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. Note: You are limited to downloading the APICS eDownload document to two computers only.
  • Once the document is open, you may view the title page, document license, and table of contents. Content below the table of contents is protected and you will see the authentication page on viewing. In order to view the rest of the document, you must enter your license key.
  • Place your cursor in the License Key box, right click, select Paste to enter the license key that you previously copied to the clipboard, and click Login.
  • You will receive a message informing you that your document has been successfully unlocked. Click Yes to continue. You should now be able to read and access the document normally.

If you have any difficulties with the above instructions, contact APICS Customer Service at 1-800-444-2742 (United States and Canada only), +1-773-867-1778 (international), or

Please ensure that you have your document name and number (located on the login page), the operating system you are using, and the version of Adobe Acrobat you are using. This will help the customer service associate better assist with troubleshooting.

NOTE: You will periodically be required to reauthenticate your document. Therefore, it is important that you keep your license key in a safe place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs page for answers to APICS eDownload questions.

The following products will be offered in APICS e-downloads format:



Stock Number

APICS Member Price

Nonmember Price


APICS Dictionary, 15th edition





APICS CPIM Exam Content Manual, version 5.0





APICS CPIM BSCM 4.4 Participant Workbook





APICS CPIM MPR 4.5 Participant Workbook





APICS CPIM DSP 5.4 Participant Workbook





APICS CPIM ECO 3.5 Participant Workbook





APICS CPIM SMR 2.6 Participant Workbook





APICS CSCP Exam Content Manual, version 4.0




 10273 APICS CLTD Exam Content Manual, version 1.0 09160-V10E   $25.00 $25.00


Lean Enterprise: Participant Kit*




*To order participant kits, call APICS Customer Service at 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1777.

How to Order APICS eDownload

Individual orders may be placed online through Shop APICS. Channel partner certification review course or workshop orders may be placed by contacting APICS Customer Service at, 1-800-444-2742, or 1+773-867-1777. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQs page for answers to APICS eDownload questions.