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Designed by Datachem Software, Inc. PIMprep V8.0 can help you prepare for certification with questions, answers, and technical explanations of production and inventory management topics covered in the certification exams. A site license authorizes any employee of the company or organization at the licensed site to use the software. A site is defined as a distinct mailing address. The site is displayed on the bottom of the background screen. The software may be installed on the network server/local area network and may be accessed by all employees of the company or organization who work out of the licensed site. This item is drop-shipped directly from the supplier.  


This self-study aid contains more than 1,500 questions covering the five CPIM modules. PIMprep V8.0 now contains links from key terms in the program to the definitions in the APICS 14th Edition Dictionary. This update aligned Key Terms in the 2014 Exam Content Manual with their definitions in the APICS Dictionary. Specifically adding over 100 new questions while aligning existing question into the updated topic headings in the ECO module. All questions were reviewed and made content changes in over 50 questions and deleted 21 questions that were no longer applicable to the exam(s). References for all five modules were updated.

(Includes all five modules on one CD.)

This product is a drop ship, please allow two weeks for processing and delivery.

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