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EFESO Consulting

About the Company

EFESO LogoFounded in 1980, EFESO Consulting is a global management consultancy firm specialized in strategy, operational- and organisation effectiveness. Over 300 major companies are supported with our unique Tandem Approach by some 450 consultants, operating from over 25 offices, working in over 75 countries and representing more than 40 different nationalities.

The Company and APICS

EFESO Consulting has been working with APICS/SCC for the past 5 years to help our clients migrate to one frame of reference for the definition of the Value Chain with the SCOR® model. The benefits from this are the creation of one uniform language globally, and the possibility to create improvement programs that work as intended due to a standard approach to the Value Chain.

Contact Information

For more information please contact: Clive Geldard, Group Vice President Supply Chain and Retail;


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