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APICS Supply Chain Sustainability Folio

Uncovering the triple bottom line

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Explore the APICS Supply Chain Sustainability Folio: Uncovering the Triple Bottom Line and understand how you can enable sustainability at your organization and how you can leverage sustainability to achieve bottom-line profitability at your organization.

Supply chain and operations management professionals are increasingly called on to carry the torch of innovation to reduce costs, demands on resources, and waste; while increasing the reuse of existing assets, and enabling lean operations. Employing sustainable practices is critical to meeting these business needs.

At the strategy and tactical level, sustainability helps integrate and align strategic execution decisions, activities, and goals across multiple departments, partners, or supply chains where sustainability has a clear or obvious interest. 

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APICS conducted a survey to find out the perspectives of supply chain and operations management professionals on sustainability at their organizations. The survey investigated the differing levels of experience and maturity that go into supply chain sustainability practices, and what those practices bring to organizations.