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Supply Chain Risk Management

Balance Risk and Reward

Download the APICS Supply Chain Risk and Reward Folio

Minimizing risk while maximizing reward is a critical practice when it comes to optimizing your supply chain. The APICS Supply Chain Risk and Reward Folio contains valuable tools that enable informed decisions-making, including Monte Carlo simulation exercises; Value at Risk (VaR) examples; a risk-reward scoring chart; a checklist for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk; and more. 

Your APICS folio also includes articles from the award-winning APICS magazine related to supply chain risk management that add real-world perspectives on risk management best practices and innovations. 

Free to APICS members.

Download the free APICS Supply Chain Risk Insights and Innovations

The APICS 2012 Supply Chain Risk Insights and Innovations members-only research report contains valuable information related to supply chain risk visibility, risk plan sharing, and more. Use this report to benchmark risk management practices at your organization and dig deeper into the insights and experiences of supply chain and operations management professionals.  

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