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APICS Project Management Folio

APICS Project Management FolioEnhancing project management in supply chain

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Every organization has strategic goals it wants to achieve, while simultaneously facing changes in its competitive environment. Any time you step outside of your standard business process, you should be engaging in project management. The APICS Project Management Folio is informed by APICS research and includes best practices, how-to guides, and articles from the award-winning APICS magazine.

Enhance project management success at your organization by gaining an understanding of

  • ways project management can help achieve strategic goals
  • steps to avoid project management pitfalls
  • best practices that will maximize the impact of project management
  • ways to use project management to break down silos.

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APICS Project Management Report

APICS 2013 Project Management Report

Project management is an important responsibility in supply chain management. It is essential but often lacks visibility at many organizations. APICS research reveals that a majority of professionals perform project management as part of their job roles, but that professionals still face significant challenges. How does project management affect your organization? Access this free report for project management best practices, research trends, and more.

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