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APICS folios provide a go-to resource on a variety of industry topics and trends. APICS folios are grounded in research and aim to keep supply chain and operations management professionals ahead of the game. APICS folios cut through the clutter and bring you best practices, how-to steps, and practical advice that give you and your organization a competitive advantage. As an APICS member, you receive a discount on all folios! 

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APICS Project Management Folio

APICS Project Management Folio: Enhancing Project Management
Enhance project management success at your organization by gaining an understanding of ways project management can help achieve strategic goals, steps to avoid project management pitfalls, best practices that will maximize the impact of project management, and ways to use project management to break down silos. The folio is informed by APICS research and also includes best practices, how-to guides, and articles from the award-winning APICS magazine.

APICS Big Data Folio

APICS Big Data Folio: Exploring the Big Data Revolution
Access research and insights on how you can leverage big data to improve performance. Professionals who use big data effectively seek to improve forecasting, planning, situational awareness, and information flow by creating a comprehensive understanding of complex perspectives. Your APICS folio also includes articles from the award-winning APICS magazine related to big data that add real-world perspectives on big data best practices and innovations. APICS folios are free for APICS members.

Sales and operations planning

S&OP Performance Folio

APICS S&OP Performance Folio: Advancing Sales and Operations Planning 
Sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a powerful process that helps organizations realize significant financial rewards. A high-performing S&OP process is critical to aligning supply and demand and achieving other organizational goals, such as maximizing revenue, minimizing risk, improving customer service, responding quickly to market changes, and reducing inventory. Order the APICS S&OP Performance Folio to benefit from practical insights, tips, and best practices grounded in research and practitioner expertise for all levels of S&OP performance and maturity.


APICS S&OP Folio: How to Be an S&OP Champion
Bring sales and operations planning (S&OP) best practices to your organization. Predicting the future generally is thought impossible; yet, S&OP users seek to do just that by strategically directing businesses to achieve competitive advantage. Purchase this APICS folio to understand how you can enable your organization’s bottom-line effectiveness with S&OP. 

Supply chain risk management
APICS Supply Chain Risk and Reward Folio: Measuring Risk in Your Supply Chain
Minimizing risk while maximizing reward is a critical practice when it comes to optimizing your supply chain. Purchase your APICS Risk and Reward Folio to access tools that enable informed decision-making, including Monte Carlo simulation exercises; Value at Risk (VaR) examples; a risk-reward scoring chart; a checklist for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk; and more.

APICS Supply Chain Risk Folio

APICS Supply Chain Risk Folio: Protect your Business with Risk Management
Mitigate and anticipate supply chain risks at your organization—from rising and falling demand to natural disasters, market uncertainty, and varying levels of trust among supply chain partners. Purchase this APICS folio to identify tools to deal with risk at your organization.

Supply chain strategy

APICS Supply Chain Strategy Folio

APICS Supply Chain Strategy Folio: Make the Most of Supply Chain Strategy 
Understand challenges and identify areas where senior management and operations management can work together to maximize the effectiveness of your supply chain strategy. Access this APICS folio to delve into critical supply chain functions and tasks that may not be effectively supporting your supply chain strategy. 

Supply chain sustainability

APICS Supply Chain Sustainability Folio

APICS Supply Chain Sustainability Folio: Uncovering the Triple Bottom Line
Gain a competitive edge for your organization by maximizing the triple bottom line. Supply chain and operations management professionals are increasingly called on to reduce costs, demands on resources, and waste; while increasing the reuse of existing assets, and enabling lean operations. Employing sustainable practices is critical to meeting these business needs. 

APICS research reports

Download free APICS research reports.

APICS conducts research surveys to explore innovative topics such as  big data, supply chain sustainability, supply chain risk management, supply chain strategy, and S&OP. This research builds into the APICS folios. Stay ahead of the game with APICS research reports.