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Cover Story
Warehouse Measurement and Control
By Andrew C. Stein, CPIM
Discover cycle count value drivers to boost your bottom line. 

So You Want to Go to Business School
By Jonathan Thatcher, CSCP, CAE
Finding the right program for your supply chain career

Building Blocks
A Philosophy of Successful Solutions
By John P. Collins, CFPIM, CSCP, and Eric P. Jack, PhD, CFPIM, CSCP
Creating a culture of performance

Membership Matters
Cultivating Complementary Skills
By Elizabeth Rennie
The benefits of education from many perspectives

S&OP Step by Step
By Jenny Schneider

An effective S&OP process often takes time to discover. Following are some fundamental strategies, concepts, steps to follow, and lessons learned I have discovered in my career. With any luck, these reflections can contribute to the development or maturation of your own S&OP activities.


It’s All About the Customer
By Elizabeth Rennie

Business leaders must identify new and creative ways to maintain and advance customer bases in this exceedingly competitive marketplace. An effective approach to the total customer experience can deliver sustainable value to consumers and organizations.

Optimum Performance
By John McPhee

In the world of supply chain management, three overarching metrics drive business performance: inventory, cost, and service. These concepts are in a state of perpetual pressure as functional teams vie for limited resources, pursuing targets that often are at odds with one another.

Unsolvable Problems
By J. Brian Atwater, CPIM, and Paul Pittman, PhD, CFPIM, CSCP, Jonah

Polarities are all around us. The most productive people are those who successfully manage the work/rest polarity, the most effective leaders are those who know when to take action and when inaction is more effective, and the best-performing organizations are those that skillfully handle the polarities inherent in business.

Lean and Agile
By Ehap Sabri, CFPIM, LSSMBB, and Salim Shaikh, CPIM, CSCP

S&OP first and foremost must be both lean and agile. Lean and agile S&OP is a company’s single-most-important competitive weapon for ensuring that customers are being profitably served through the right channels and with the right product mix.

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

"We can no longer operate like we did in the old days. Consumers are holding their suppliers accountable for problems related to environment and climate change. Education really needs to begin at this level.”

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Share Your Story

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