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Benchmarking Your Manufacturing Performance: Driving Operations Excellence

Presenter: Ian Ryan Senior Director, MFG Value Network

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Manufacturers today operate in a highly complex, distributed, and fragmented environment. This has created enormous pressure on manufacturing plants with their performance now closely examined from the enterprise level. To understand how manufacturing has been transformed to a critical driver for increasing market competitiveness, SAP has established a manufacturing benchmarking program. 

This free APICS Webinar will present an overview of the benchmarking results on several key areas affecting manufacturers today, including planning, execution, quality, compliance, maintenance, and intelligence.

Learning objectives

  • Introduce the benchmarking program and discuss how APICS members can benefit from the results
  • Examine the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive operations excellence
  • Discuss which process best practices have the greatest impact on manufacturing performance

About the presenter
Ian Ryan is senior director at the MFG Value Network, SAP's value engineering organization. Ryan has more than 20 years experience working with manufacturing firms to define and deliver sustained operational improvement. Since joining SAP in 1994, Ryan has worked in consulting, development and sales support in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States. His current focus is on the delivery of next-generation systems to support adaptive manufacturing with an emphasis on the value generated. Ryan holds a master of business administration from The University of Rochester and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Trinity College.

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