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Strong Start for US Car Sales in 2012

by APICS Staff | N/A 2012 | 12 | 3

Strong Start for US Car Sales in 2012

The United States experienced unexpectedly strong automotive sales in January 2012, the New York Times reports__an 11.4 percent increase from January 2011, according to research firm Autodata. Chrysler saw a 44 percent increase in monthly sales, and Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Nissan also reported increases. The auto industry's annual selling rate reached 14.18 million, the highest in more than two years.

"This is healthy, this is good. It's sustainable," says Jesse Toprak, vice president of automotive pricing website TrueCar.com. Yearly sales figures have stayed below 14 million for each of the last four years and were as low as 10.4 million in 2009, but 2012 is "going to be another year of recovery where we have a very good chance of getting to that magic 14 million number," Toprak says.

Overall car sales rose 19.9 percent, and truck sales increased 3.7 percent. Sales of full-size pickups rose 47 percent at Chrysler and 8 percent at Ford. The Times says the good sales numbers for pickup trucks may indicate long-awaited improvement in the housing market.

At General Motors, however, sales dropped 6.1 percent from last January, and sales for its Chevrolet Volt hybrid fell from December after federal safety regulators began investigating potential battery fires.

Suppliers Falling Short of Green Targets May Be Dropped

Companies wishing to lower costs by going green may be willing to drop suppliers who don't quickly align to those goals, Bloomberg News reports. A survey jointly released by global consulting firm Accenture and the nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project reveals that the number of multinational companies planning to abandon suppliers within five years because of missed environmental targets more than doubled in 2011, to 39 percent.

The study involved large organizations such as Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, and Walmart, among others. These companies require vendors to take actions such as reducing water usage and carbon emissions to lower operational expenses and costs of goods. Investors pay attention to these ultimatums and rank businesses on criteria such as enforcement and locking in savings.

So far, there has not been much of a visible effect on suppliers. "We are yet to see a transformational impact on suppliers' emissions," says Frances Way, program director at the Carbon Disclosure Project. The study did not specifically recognize any of the companies planning to dismiss a supplier.

Manufacturing Helps US Unemployment Reach Three-Year Low

Unemployment in the United States dropped to the lowest level in three years, the Los Angeles Times reports. Labor Department data indicate that the US economy added 243,000 jobs in January 2012__about 100,000 greater than was anticipated. Manufacturing led the pack, with professional services, leisure, and health care industries also displaying strong gains.

Many economists believe the figures are a game-changer, and better times are ahead for American workers. But the economic news "was out of context with other things we've been seeing," says Heidi Shierholz, economist at the nonprofit think tank Economic Policy Institute. "We can't be confident that this is the new state of things."

On the other hand, US Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis believes the latest jobs report is not a one-month aberration. She believes the data support extending payroll tax cuts and emergency unemployment benefits beyond the end of this month, when they are scheduled to expire.

According to Patrick O'Keefe, economic research director at financial consultancy J.H. Cohn, office jobs are growing because companies are doing well and require business services. But they will not hire aggressively unless they're confident that demand will become stronger__

and even then, they may choose to bring on temporary workers or extend part-time workers' hours. "Employers have a need for labor, but they're tentative in their long-term commitment," O'Keefe says. 

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