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APICS e-Newsletters

Enrich your supply chain knowledge with APICS e-newsletters

APICS e-newsletters are the best way to stay informed; keep ahead of the curve; and learn about the latest trends, best practices and solutions from key industry thought leaders. FREE to subscribers, the APICS e-newsletters aggregate operations and supply chain management news, connect you with what is happening at APICS, and give you access to special offers for educational opportunities and discounts.

APICS e-newsletters Features and benefits
APICS Extra This members–only monthly article
  • supplements the award-winning APICS magazine
  • provides real-world information on solutions proven to enhance functions in operations management.
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APICS Supply Chain Management Now This popular e-newsletter for members and subscribers
  • gives exclusive commentary from APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE.
  • offers insights into current events and supply chain and operations management topics.
  • helps connect your work with the global economy.

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APICS Connection
  • For members and recent APICS customers
  • Monthly e-newsletter is designed to keep you informed about APICS news and educational opportunities.

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APICS e-News
  • The only APICS subscriber-based e-newsletter with more than 25,000 industry readers
  • Semi-monthly delivery direct to your inbox
  • Covers hard-hitting topics in a quick-read format
  • Keeps you current with the latest trends in operations and supply chain management

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