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The APICS community is made up of talented and dedicated supply chain and operations management professionals worldwide. The APICS community extends from APICS’s more than 35,000 members—to more than 29,000 LinkedIn group members, and professionals on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond.

APICS Supply Chain Channel
New in 2012, APICS members and supply chain and operations management professionals across the globe can connect with colleagues, discuss pressing issues and find answers, and gain insights into the experiences of their peers on the APICS Supply Chain Channel.

Get started connecting to your peers on the APICS Supply Chain Channel now.

APICS on LinkedIn
View the APICS LinkedIn page to connect and network professionally with others in your field. Join the APICS LinkedIn group.

APICS on Twitter
Get the latest news and information from APICS, find and follow your colleagues, and engage in an ongoing discussion about supply chain and operations management. Find APICS on Twitter.

APICS on Facebook
The APICS Facebook fan page enables you to interact with fellow industry students and colleagues in a dynamic, electronic social environment with relevant content, videos, and pictures. Be an APICS fan today.

APICS YouTube Channel
View APICS-related videos or share videos you have from APICS events! Access the APICS YouTube channel.

Connect with your local APICS partner in the APICS Supply Chain Channel.