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Order the APICS Train the Trainer Course


The two-day interactive APICS TTT course prepares supply chain and operations management professionals to teach adult training and APICS development courses. This APICS course provides 10 lesson plans for instructors with a successful and workable methodology that can be applied to teaching any subject.

Lessons cover topics including

  • the training process.
  • learning objectives and lesson plans.
  • effective media selection and use.
  • learning styles, communication and motivation.
  • dealing with learner challenges.
  • training evaluation.

Workshop participants also make practice presentations and receive feedback.


  • The APICS TTT and the Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI) Participant Workbooks can only be purchased by instructors or partners who verify that an APICS Master of Instructor Training will teach or co-teach the course.
  • You must be recognized by APICS as an Associate, Lead, or Master of Instructor Training within the APICS Instructor Development Program to purchase the APICS TTT and LDI Instructor Kits.
  • All APICS TTT or APICS LDI Courses must be taught or co-taught by an APICS Master of Instructor Training.
  • If the APICS TTT or APICS LDI course is taught by multiple instructors, one must be an APICS recognized Master of Instructor Training and the other must be an Associate, Lead or Master of Instructor Training in the Instructor Development Program.

Contact pdadmin@apics.org for more information.

Call APICS Customer Service at 1-800-444–2742 or 1-773-867-1777 to purchase the APICS Train the Trainer Instructor Kit and Participant Workbook 5.0. Note: The sale of Train the Trainer and Learning Dynamics workbooks now are restricted to Lead, Master and Instructor Training instructors, or to the chapters and districts using a recognized Master of Instructor Training to teach or co-teach the class.


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