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APICS Education for Instructors

Expand your skills with APICS courses for instructors

  • Access the vital resources you need to deliver the highest quality instruction.
  • Benefit from the guidance of experienced staff and instructors who will help you formulate the best path for your ongoing career development.
  • Gain recognition among your peers for your knowledge and expertise.

APICS Train the Trainer (TTT)

  • An intensive, two-day course that prepares you to teach adult training and development courses.
  • Highly interactive with ten lessons that provide successful and workable methodologies you can apply to teaching any subject.

APICS Learning Dynamics for Instructors (LDI)

  • Builds on the essentials established in the prerequisite APICS TTT.
  • Helps you solidify your foundation as an effective instructor.
  • Examines the dynamics of the classroom and describes techniques for managing your students and maximizing their learning.

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