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APICS Supply Chain Management Now

APICS Supply Chain Management Now gives exclusive commentary from APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE. This weekly e-newsletter offers insights into current events and supply chain, logistics, and operations management topics and how they all relate to the APICS body of knowledge.

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  • Investing in Supply Chains

    Karen Mills, administrator of the US Small Business Administration, writes that investment in US small business is a result of high worker productivity, rising labor and energy costs, and logistical advantages of closer supplier networks. ......Read More
  • Supply Professionals Critical to Business Success

    Many business leaders already are capitalizing on the power of effective supply chain management. Supply chain excellence is a competitive advantage, and well-run supply chains create value in organizations. ......Read More
  • Carving Out Global Market Share

    The Gap is working to strengthen its global strategy, focusing on brands instead of channels; global assortment; and speed to market, where having a responsive supply chain is most critical. ......Read More
  • Supply Chains Present IT Risks

    Supply chains are difficult to secure; the risk is challenging to identify, hard to quantify, and costly to address. Supply chain risk management is increasingly a critical subject for supply chain and operations management professionals.......Read More
  • Solving the Competiveness Mystery

    The answer to the competitiveness question may be quite simple. If businesses are going to succeed in the global marketplace, they need to make their customers happy.......Read More
  • Workforce in India: Getting to the Core of the Matter

    One organization in India is working to get rural villages access to water, basic sanitation, health care, and education. They aim to prevent migration out of villages and entice workers to build their own local businesses.......Read More
  • Supply Chain’s True Power

    Today, some argue that supply chains are becoming an autonomous global force, greater than any nation or economy, and that certain recent high-profile business stories are actually supply chain stories. ......Read More
  • Becoming Players on the World Economic Stage

    There’s a historic shift happening in India, Bangladesh, and other South Asian Nations. Millions of people are rising out of poverty, and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) reports billions more are crossing over into a new global middle class. This information comes from the 2013 Human Development Report, released last week by the UNDP in Mexico City.......Read More
  • What’s After Lean?

    The Toyota Motor Corporation is making some big changes, especially across its North and South American affiliate companies. Leaders want operations there to be more agile and more autonomous. ......Read More
  • Big Gains Only for Big Business?

    Is the record-breaking economy leaving small businesses behind? Small-business confidence hasn't returned to where it was before the recession, even as large enterprises enjoy pre-recession levels of confidence. ......Read More
  • Mexico, China, India, EU: Gauging Worldwide Opportunities

    We at APICS have been working to connect opportunities in China, India, and Mexico with workforce development in those markets. Supply chain and operations management professionals contribute to economic growth all over the world. ......Read More
  • The Right Credentials for the Right Job

    The job market is tight at all levels across organizations, industries, and geographies. More and more companies are demanding greater credentials for all types of employment. ......Read More
  • Security in the Food Supply Chain

    Recent incidences of beef contamination have illustrated that the food supply chain is complex and difficult to trace. And food fraud is becoming an attractive enterprise to criminals.......Read More
  • Yesterday’s Visibility to Improve Today’s Processes

    Building factories like they were in the 1970s isn’t the key to adding value in 2013. Take a core manufacturing concept—visibility—and apply it throughout the enterprise. ......Read More
  • Investing in India

    N/A 2013
    India's current manufacturing policy aims to create more than 100 million jobs and boost manufacturing's profile. The country also is looking for opportunities to woo global investors. ......Read More
  • To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

    N/A 2013
    Businesspeople of all stripes are starting to pay attention to the issues surrounding offshoring and reshoring, especially as they pursue business success in an uncertain economy. ......Read More
  • Smart Accessories Need Basic Knowledge

    N/A 2013
    A company called Pebble crowdfunded its new smartwatch to the tune of $10 million, but they ran into production difficulties. The APICS body of knowledge might have helped them experience a more successful launch.......Read More
  • What’s Hot for Supply Chain and Operations Management

    N/A 2012
    This week, we examine the fast-fashion business Zara and its chief executive, Amancio Ortega. Ortega founded his business on two basic priorities—customer focus and speed. ......Read More
  • New Year’s Resolutions: A Different Take

    N/A 2013
    This year, think differently about resolutions and consider how you can take steps to make your career healthier. One way is to explore APICS principles, such as five whys, to improve your skills. ......Read More
  • Redoubling Professional Efforts

    N/A 2012
    What are the year-end predictions for 2013 in manufacturing and supply chain and operations management? One of the more interesting areas of speculation is which areas will be hot spots for demand growth.......Read More