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APICS Supply Chain Management Now

APICS Supply Chain Management Now gives exclusive commentary from APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi, CSCP, CPA, CAE. This weekly e-newsletter offers insights into current events and supply chain, logistics, and operations management topics and how they all relate to the APICS body of knowledge.

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  • True Crime: Fooling the Food Supply Chain

    September/October 2013
    An alleged complex plot by Hamburg, Germany-based ALW Food Group is to import millions of pounds of Chinese honey and hide its true origins. In the end, 10 ALW executives were accused of a global conspiracy to commit $80 million in food fraud. ......Read More
  • Getting “Job Ready” with Certification

    It's time for training—and some different ways of thinking—for manufacturing jobs in order to fill the skills gap. Perhaps soft skills, for example, should begin to be thought of as "essential skills." ......Read More
  • Staying on Trend

    While phones are getting more stylish, delivering those phones requires some basic concepts long known to those in the APICS world: keeping production costs down, managing inventory, and accurately forecasting demand. ......Read More
  • Does Supply Chain Get the Attention It Deserves?

    Supply chains are increasingly complex, fraught with risk, and require significant attention from senior management. Expanded supply chains and more risks call for greater cooperation among stakeholders up and down supply chains. ......Read More
  • Are You Paranoid Enough?

    Is your company paranoid? It might sound ridiculous, but it's a concept that is gaining traction in the business world. Disaster tends to strike companies that are doing well. Failure might be implicit in success. ......Read More
  • Where Is It Made?

    Many products are made with components from various countries, and these products represent a growing share of international trade. In this model, what exactly is an import and what is an export? ......Read More
  • Sustaining Green Initiatives

    A recent sustainability survey by AlixPartners reveals that while sustainability increasingly is becoming important to customers and company leaders, cost still ranks as the primary motivator for green efforts.......Read More
  • The Building Blocks of Risk Management

    Recently, the Wall Street Journal featured an article on how LEGO and its senior director of strategic risk management Hans Laessoe made risk management an essential part of its strategic endeavors and implemented a risk strategy with four basic building blocks. ......Read More
  • Efficiency Versus Effectiveness

    It's suggested that, if demand picks up, businesses might be too lean to fulfill orders, indicating a disconnect between the overall business strategy and supply chain tactics. Good supply chain professionals know how to bridge this disconnect. ......Read More
  • Overcoming Supply Chain Risks

    A recent American Productivity and Quality Center study revealed three quarters of almost 200 large companies surveyed faced an unexpected supply chain disruption in the last 24 months. Why are disruptions taking such a large toll?......Read More
  • Looking Closer at Certificates

    Certificate programs are the fastest-growing segment of higher education, according to the Wall Street Journal, and they are attractive to younger and older students. Research indicates that salaries can jump 20 percent for certificate holders compared to those that have a high school diploma only. ......Read More
  • The Devil Can Be in the Details

    When new financial reform rules soon go into effect, many companies will be required to name whether minerals excavated in certain conflict-heavy regions are used in their manufacturing processes. ......Read More
  • Ties that Bind

    While there are differences in supply chains and professionals in different regions across the globe, there are some clear threads that tie us together. Education and knowledge are key to getting a job; but, more importantly, continuing education develops careers and creates leaders. ......Read More
  • The Power of Soft Skills

    These days, top companies want more than a nice résumé and pleasant interview. They're putting candidates through role-playing exercises, looking for people with co-op or internship experience, and organizing scenarios for problem-solving and high-pressure circumstances.......Read More
  • Small-Business Innovation

    Marlin Steel, a small metals manufacturer specializing in wire bagel baskets, had to innovate and transform itself into an engineer-to-order business to remain competitive. ......Read More
  • Strategy and the Supply Chain Advantage

    Hewlett-Packard has shifted its strategy from buying most of its semiconductors in bulk from a single supplier to using multiple chips from a variety of suppliers. Leaders say their supply chain strategy provides the company key advantages. ......Read More
  • Achieving More Through Service

    In Europe, manufacturers are expanding their profitability by providing services as well as goods. These services include aftermarket parts, repairs, predictive maintenance, and more.......Read More
  • World Economics Through a Japanese Lens

    Shinzo Abe’s plan for Japan includes monetary, fiscal, and reform programs to force mild inflation, and it is seeing some success. Japan's manufacturers may finally have reason to be hopeful.......Read More
  • The Turns of the Screw

    Companies are using automated systems and big data to gather and analyze factory floor data to ensure quality, lower costs, increase safety, and add value to customers. ......Read More
  • Big Companies Invest in Sustainability

    Leading businesses today are using natural capital accounting, assigning monetary values to natural resources such as clean water. Then, company leaders consider those figures when making business decisions. ......Read More