APICS is the premier professional association for supply chain management.

APICS Courses and Delivery Options for Businesses

APICS education enhances the knowledge and skills of the operations and supply chain management professionals within your organization. It demonstrates your company’s commitment to improving productivity and impacting the bottom line. APICS education is designed to help organizations like yours thrive in today’s competitive global economy.

APICS Certification Courses

APICS CPIM program

This program prepares your employees to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within your organization’s global operations. Give your employees the essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to

  • demand management
  • procurement management
  • supplier planning
  • material requirements planning
  • capacity planning
  • sales and operations planning
  • master scheduling
  • performance measurements
  • supplier relationships
  • quality control
  • continuous improvement
  • Globally, more than 100,000 people have earned the APICS CPIM designation.

    Participants are required to study five modules and pass five exams to be certified. The APICS CPIM modules include:

    • APICS Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM)
    • APICS Master Planning of Resources (MPR)
    • APICS Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP)
    • APICS Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)
    • APICS Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)

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    APICS CSCP program

    This program helps your employees master advanced supply chain management principles that extend beyond your internal operations. It provides the higher-level knowledge and skills people need to streamline operations and produce bottom line results. More than 20,000 people have earned the APICS CSCP designation globally. This widely recognized designation helps your employees

    • create and execute supply chain strategies to meet customer needs, reduce costs, and drive bottom line results
    • improve productivity by looking outside of internal operations and through the entire supply chain
    • incorporate your end-to-end view of the supply chain into organizational activities.

    APICS CSCP has been updated  for 2016 to reflect critical changes in the marketplace and in the evolving roles and responsibilities of supply chain managers. The three sections of the APICS CSCP Learning System include

    • Supply Chain Design
    • Supply Chain Planning and Execution
    • Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

    Participants are required to pass one exam to be certified.

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    Additional APICS Courses

    Enhance Your Employees’ Learning with Other APICS Courses

    APICS offers a number of other courses to help your employees expand their knowledge and skills. These courses not only boost employee competency across a wide range of areas critical to your organization’s success, but they also demonstrate your commitment to fostering employee development. Consider implementing the following APICS courses within your organization.

    APICS Customer-Focused Supply Chain Management is a one-day classroom course that provides a foundational understanding of supply chain management from a customer’s perspective. This class is designed for non-supply chain employees who support the entire supply chain. Potential participants include professionals in finance, sales, marketing, customer service and product development. The goal of this course is to help your employees better understand how their job functions impact global supply chain management.

    APICS Principles of Operations Management contains five classroom courses each consisting of both core and advanced content. These courses are designed in a format similar to entry-level college courses. Course material includes predesigned Microsoft Excel spreadsheets which illustrate comprehensive “what-if” scenarios. Instructor kits include mid-term and final exam test databanks, which allow you to evaluate student comprehension. Additionally, you have the ability to custom-design your courses by mixing and matching content based on the specific topics required by your organization.

    The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop is designed to equip your employees with a broad knowledge to map your organization’s transformation, and to develop a lean culture within the organization. This three and a half day classroom workshop, which was benchmarked against GE’s critically acclaimed program, will help employees

    • complete a self-assessment to determine organizational readiness
    • gain practical experience in how to incorporate lean in the organization
    • develop a project plan for implementing lean into the organization.

    The APICS Lean Enterprise Workshop covers topics that include lean culture, value stream mapping, stability and process improvements, Just-in-Time delivery, success measurement, and sustainability.

    The APICS Global Sourcing Workshop helps your employees understand the key issues and complexities of purchasing activities as they relate to the continually evolving global marketplace. This two day classroom workshop will cover

    • the strategic importance of globalization
    • international procurement and market evaluation
    • strategic global supplier and logistics partner sourcing
    • common cultural differences around the world

    APICS Course Delivery Options


    APICS will arrange for a certified instructor to teach at your facility. Our courses come with a standard set of material that can be supplemented by customer request. We strongly recommend four days of delivery for each APICS CPIM module and six days of delivery for APICS CSCP. These can be broken down into full-day or half-day increments. The Corporate Services team strives to locate several instructors from your local area who meet the specific requirements of your company. Companies take an active role in instructor selection as we strive to match client needs with instructor background.


    APICS offers online delivery of APICS CPIM and CSCP courses through our partner, Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC). The online instructor assisted learning environment is available to students 24/7 in order to accommodate any schedule. In addition to their APICS certifications, all instructors are professional educators with years of practical experience. The online environment includes presentations, videos, learning objects, quizzes and discussion boards. Private classes are available for corporate customers who want to ensure that all classroom activities are kept confidential.

    About Fox Valley Technical College

    Fox Valley Technical College is the exclusive provider of asynchronous online learning for APICS. Since the online program began in January 2006, APICS and FVTC have had a strong working relationship. Hundreds of students have completed their APICS CPIM and CSCP preparation through the FVTC’s online environment. Many of these same students have gone on to successfully pass APICS certification exams. The FVTC online delivery format provides our corporate clients maximum flexibility. It also allows them to reduce ancillary expenses associated with training such as travel, housing, meals and time away from the office. This is especially relevant when supply chain and operations professionals are dispersed across the country or around the world.

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