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APICS Extra Live

APICS Extra Live webinars provide added insight and information about articles from APICS magazine. Check back frequently to see which APICS magazine authors are speaking in the upcoming events.

  • APICS Extra Live: Supply Chain in the Storm: Lessons from a Company That Thrived Post-Hurricane Maria

    Presented by:
    Pat Bower
    Director of Global Supply Chain Planning and Customer Service

    Date: September 6, 2018
    Time: 1:00 p.m. Central

    Attend this APICS Extra Live Webinar to learn more from “Sales and Operations Planning” (S&OP) department author Pat Bower. He will share the real-world story of how his organization responded to devastating natural disaster. Participants will discover

    • why execution-based planning took precedence over S&OP in the immediate aftermath of the storm
    • how to look at supply chain risk management with a greater focus on understanding and connecting networks
    • lessons on how to prevent an incident from becoming a disaster
    • strategies for maximizing business continuity planning with S&OP.

    APICS Extra Live is available to APICS members only. Members, please click here to log in and be transferred to the registration page.