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APICS offers its members free or discounted access to a selection of recorded APICS Webinars. These sessions enable you to connect with industry experts for specialized topic-focused education. Each 60-minute event features an educational discussion, case studies, and a Q&A session.

APICS Webinars On Demand cover operations management subjects such as accounting, e-business, forecasting, inventory, lean, management, six sigma, supply chain, theory of constraints (TOC), available to APICS members free of charge or at a discount. Begin exploring one of your APICS member benefits today!

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Members-only APICS Extra Live: Building a Disaster-Proof Supply Chain

Watch the recording now.

Presented by:
Mohanish Makharia, member, supply chain group, Wipro Consulting Services
Gerhard Plenert, PhD, practice partner, Wipro Consulting Services
Ramanan Sambukumar, leader, distributed supply chain, Wipro Consulting Services

Attend APICS Extra Live to gain deeper insight into the January/February APICS magazine article, “Your Resilient Supply Chain.” The authors will discuss how unpredictable events such as natural disasters can damage revenues, profitability, market share, and brand image, and they will demonstrate techniques that minimize the impact of disruptions.

In this APICS Extra Live, you will learn

  • the components of a resilient supply chain and how to overcome barriers to attaining one
  • strategies to prepare for supply chain disruptions and how to come out ahead
  • methods to enable resiliency, including establishing clear lines of authority and proactive planning
  • how to build risk into decision making by coupling key risk indicators with key performance indicators.