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Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Eric Peters, President and CEO | Procurant
June 11, 2019 at 11 AM CT


Blockchain, the data storage technology enabling crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, is having an impact on the way companies are thinking about data in their supply chain. One of the most promising areas for this new technology is the fresh food supply chain with its emphasis on food safety and traceability. But with all the hype, how do you separate the real potential of blockchain from overly optimistic press releases? This webinar addresses the realistic ways blockchain can impact the food supply chain.

Eric Peters
Eric Peters, President and CEO | Procurant

Eric Peters is president and CEO of Procurant, the first global, blockchain-enabled fresh food supply chain platform. Eric brings extensive experience and vision in supply chain technology to a series of successful software companies he has founded and led. He is former president and CEO of SensorThink, the first digital platform built to support the digital warehouse, and Foodlink, acquired by Roper Technologies in 2014. Previously, he founded TrueDemand Software, a pioneering IoT technology company that used analytics to help the world’s largest retailers and their suppliers predict out of stocks and create actions to reduce lost sales. Earlier in his career he worked with Manhattan Associates, helping it grow into a leading supply chain software company. Eric has served as a board advisor to several startups in Silicon Valley; been featured and quoted in articles on supply chain, retail and the food industry; and is a contributing author to five books on supply chain issues. 



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