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SCOR 12.0 Professional Training - Hong Kong

August 15-17, 2018
9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Hong Kong Science Park
Hong Kong

*This course is hosted by an APICS Partner: DataDevelop Consulting Ltd.. Training is presented in English. 

APICS announces the launch of SCOR 12.0!

The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model is the world’s leading supply chain framework, and it just got better! SCOR Professional Training sessions will now incorporate exciting updates to the SCOR model. Updates include:

  • Process workflows generated by the SCOR BPM Accelerator, ensuring accurate data mapping
  • Improved alignment with the service industry and digital environment
  • More reliable Total Supply Chain Cost metric hierarchy
  • Incorporates omni-channel, metadata, block chain, and other critical current topics
  • Sustainability standards based on The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

The SCOR model uniquely links business processes, performance metrics, practices and people skills into a unified structure. Companies that apply SCOR have the following documented benefits:

  • Average operating sales income improvement of 3%
  • Typical inventory turn improvements of 20%
  • 30% faster system implementations with 30% more functionality 

Professional Training: What to Expect

During the SCOR 12.0 Professional Training, you will develop actionable steps to improve supply chain processes and management by learning from real-life examples and projects. 

Attend this session to learn the standardized language of supply chain and how to:

  • Use SCOR to identify and solve problems in your supply chain
  • Identify and support organizational learning goals
  • Improve supply chain efficiency from a process and cost perspective 
  • Organize a typical SCOR project
  • Implement well-defined and repeatable processes

Click here for a full outline of the SCOR three-day course. 

SCOR-P Examination

One Authorization to Text (ATT) for the SCOR-P endorsement exam is included in your SCOR-P training registration purchase. Candidates may purchase a SCOR-P retake exam for an additional fee.



*This course is hosted by an APICS PartnerDataDevelop Consulting Ltd.. Training is presented in English.