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Sample questions for SCOR-Professional (SCOR-P) Exam

  1. WIP Inventory is associated with which Process type?
    1. Deliver
    2. Make
    3. Plan
    4. Source
  1. The diagram below is BEST described as:

SCOR-P Sample Diagram

  1. ETO
  2. MTO
  3. MTS
  4. Retail
  1. What are the Inventory Days of Supply based on the data below?
  • Revenue $350,000
  • Five Point Rolling Average Inventory $ 25,000
  • Cost of Goods sold $255,150
  1. 0 days
  2. 15 days
  3. 26 days
  4. 36 days
  1. The definition of a structured best practice is:
    1. Not emerging, not outmoded
    2. Features a clearly stated goal, scope, process and procedure
    3. Demonstrated in a working environment and linked to key metrics
    4. Proven in multiple organizations and industries
  2. Customer Commit Date creation is associated with which of the following?
    1. Delivery
    2. Enable
    3. Return
    4. Source
  3. Sales Forecast is an input PRIMARILY to:
    1. sP1 Plan Supply Chain
    2. sP2 Plan Source
    3. sP3 Plan Make
    4. sP4 Plan Deliver
  4. Your consumer product company has a very slow reaction to changes in customer demand. In addition, they have excessive levels of inventory, a high customer complaint rate and poor delivery performance. Executive Management has been advised to move from a Push to a Pull environment. What characteristics of a Pull environment should improve the situation?
    1. Supply chain is aligned to supplier product availability
    2. Factory production is tightly synchronized to customer orders
    3. Demand management and supply chain management are managed independently
    4. Replenishment is determined by safety stock, safety lead time, lot sizing queues and set-ups
  5. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate Level 2 process to put in the blank box shown below:


  1. sDR
  2. sD2 Deliver MTO product
  3. sP4 Plan deliver
  4. aS2 Source-MTO product
  5. Retail
Questions 9 and 10 refer to the following information.

Cash flow has become a critical issue in your company due to extending more favorable terms established by your credit department. The following chart summarizes this year’s and last year’s financial situation. The company is currently holding $75 Million in Gross Inventory.

  Last year  this year
 Days Sales Outstanding  37  37
 Days Payable Outstanding  42  45
 Inventory Days of Supply  15  20
 Cash to Cash Cycle Time  10  

  1. What is this year's Cash to Cash Cycle Time?
    1. 12 days
    2. 18 days
    3. 20 days
    4. 22 days
  2. What Inventory Reduction do you need this year to maintain the same Cash to Cash Cycle Time as last year?
    1. $ 7.5 Million
    2. $12.5 Million
    3. $37.5 Million
    4. No reduction
Solutions and content areas are listed in the SCOR-P Sample Questions document.
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