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ASCM Risk Management
On-Demand Webinars

ASCM offers a comprehensive, forward-looking program that will prepare you to participate in the development of a global risk mitigation strategy. By earning this certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to protecting your employer from supply chain risk and your ability to balance rewards and risks in the decision-making process.

In addition to seminar and conference offerings, ASCM offers webinar presentations as a means for completing the certificate. Up to 4 contact hours may be purchased for on-demand viewing of the following ASCM webinars: 

Humanitarian Logistics and the Military—Evolving Roles in a Volatile World (Free Webinar)
Jeffrey Brown
Commander (Retired) | US Navy

Irvin Varkonyi, CSCP, PLog
Supply Chain Operations | Preparedness Education

The US military has increasingly become the go-to organization for logistics support for domestic and international humanitarian disasters. Supply chain stakeholders benefit from better understanding of the military’s involvement and best practices.
  • What are the challenges of the interaction between military and civil authorities during disaster response?
  • Are there differences in the military’s logistics role in a disaster whether it is malicious, accidental or an act of Mother Nature?
  • What are the best practices employed by the military in humanitarian logistics?
Attendees of this webinar will learn more about the value of collaboration among disaster stakeholders in the commercial and public sectors including information sharing and inventory management.

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