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Arsalan Hussain, CSCP, CSCA, MBA(SCM)
Manager Supply Chain
Indus Motor Company, Ltd.

“It (CSCP) gives a helicopter view which one cannot get being at a specified job role. CSCP broadens the thinking ability.”

Why did you decide to pursue the APICS CSCP certification?

Supply Chain is a pool of opportunities. If you love your job, then passionately achieve your tasks!

How did you prepare for the APICS CSCP exam?

Side by side during office hours by creating references with practical examples.

What was your biggest takeaway from APICS CSCP training?

I learned end-to-end supply chain connectivity. That helped me in automating the entire procurement process flow of the system.

How has an APICS certification impacted your career or organization?

Soon after completion of my certification, I was transferred to the role of Procurement and Analytics. Within 2 years I was promoted to Manager Supply Chain.

Have you implemented a supply chain initiative at your organization as a result of your APICS CSCP training?

I designed a management dashboard after gaining in-depth knowledge from CSCP. This dashboard has end-to-end data and KPIs visibility which is used by Top Management for reporting. Saving of approx. 1.3 million rupees per anum was recorded.

What are other benefits of APICS certification?

It gives a helicopter view which one cannot get being at a specified job role.  CSCP broadens the thinking ability.

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