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Craig Gaddis, CSCP
Supply Chain Manager
Atlanta, Georgia

“CSCP certification helped me transition from military to civilian work life.”

Why did you decide to pursue the APICS CSCP certification?

As I approached the end of my military career, I evaluated how my skills best translated to civilian industry and say Supply Chain Management as a good fit. Although, I have a Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management, I felt that obtaining the APICS CSCP certification would demonstrate to future employers that I had the most updated knowledge and skills as well as was current with industry standards in Supply Chain Management.

How did you prepare for the APICS CSCP exam?

An Instructor-led course through my local APICS Chapter

What was your biggest takeaway from APICS CSCP training?

I found that my military experience in supply chain, production, and logistics was very similar to concepts in civilian industry. However, I also found that the language and terminology was significantly different. APICS CSCP helped me learn how to better communicate my skills to future employers during the resume building and interviewing process – and eventually on-the-job.

Have you implemented a supply chain initiative at your organization as a result of your APICS CSCP training?

CSCP training helped me refine my use of critical thinking skills and standard industry practices toward building an efficient and cost-effective production and material management organization.

The broad nature of the CSCP curriculum exposed me to the wide range of new initiatives and concepts in supply chain management that can be directly applied to real-world challenges to product significant cost savings.

What are other benefits of APICS certification?

Completing the APICS CSCP certification allowed me the opportunity to interact with other supply chain professionals and enabled me to immediately build a network outside of the military. Also, membership in the local APICS Chapter furthered my ability to make valuable contacts.

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