Presentations, publications and educational development (PPED)
(Maximum of 60 % of total points for CPIM and 80% for CFPIM)

  • Conducting the following programs directly related to supply chain and operations management = 2 point per hour of instruction. Half hour of instruction = 1 point
    • Conferences
    • courses (including certification review)
    • meetings (instructional)
    • seminars
    • tutorials workshops
    • other presentations

Note: Points are awarded only once per year for presentations on the same topic. The time required to prepare presentations is not eligible for points.

  • Article or contribution on subject directly related to operations management and published in one of the following = 2 points;
    • Book
    • Monograph
    • Booklet
    • Newsletter
    • Magazine
    • proceedings

Note: The time required to research and develop material is not eligible for points.

  • Original supply chain management research that is published and distributed (for example, the Journal of Operations Management, the Production and Inventory Management Journal, and white papers). = 5 points
  • Any published material noted above that is cited as an APICS certification reference = 10 points (These points for certification reference materials are in addition to the points received for the actual publication.)