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The new APICS certification fellow programs - CPIM-F, CSCP-F and CLTD-F

Now that you've earned your APICS certification, you may be eligible to apply for the APICS Fellow designation. The APICS Fellow designation is awarded to an elite group of professionals who share their knowledge with others through presenting, publishing, teaching, and participating in volunteer activities that promote the APICS Body of Knowledge.

Complete the APICS Fellow application and attach your support documents. 

Qualifying APICS Fellow Activities

Presentations and Webinars

Earn points for educational presentations and webinars given either before an APICS or non-APICS audience; including APICS International Conference presentations, APICS national or regional conference talks, non-APICS conferences or workshop presentations.

Published works

Eligible works include books and any article published in APICS magazine, or an article in a non-APICS magazine or journal on a subject of the APICS body of knowledge.

Classroom instruction

Claim one point per hour of instruction for APICS sponsored courses and 0.5 points per hour for a non-APICS course or University class. The content must relate to the APICS body of knowledge.

APICS volunteer activities

Earn points for officially sanctioned APICS volunteer activities either at the APICS Headquarter or Chapter level. Activities include; serving on APICS Boards, certification, courseware, or special committees, item writing, mentoring, or a non-paid volunteer position at the Chapter level. 

Maintain your APICS Fellow designation

To maintain your hard-earned APICS Fellow designation, you must participate in the APICS Certification Maintenance program.

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