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Computer-Based Testing FAQs

Please review the APICS Exam Handbook for procedures and policies for all APICS credentials.

General Questions

What is Computer-Based Testing (CBT)? 

APICS will deliver its exams exclusively in computer-based testing (CBT) format and standardize registration and testing procedures around the globe.

What is the role of Pearson VUE in the certification process? 

Pearson VUE is the test vendor with which APICS has contracted to deliver APICS exams.

When are APICS exams available? 

APICS exams are on-demand in North America and outside North America and are available year-round.

What is an Authorization to Test (ATT)?

You will need an Authorization to Test (ATT) to schedule an APICS exam. ATTs are required whether you are scheduling an exam at a Pearson VUE test center. To obtain an ATT, please go to and complete the Request an ATT Form.

How long is my ATT valid?

ATTs are valid for six months from the date issued.

What is an overview of the Exam Credit Process? 

1. Exam candidate obtains exam credit from an APICS partner or corporate client (optional).
2. Candidate completes online ATT Request Form and pays exam fee (using either exam credit or other available methods of payment, such as credit card).
3. Candidate receives a confirmation email containing a summary of the information submitted in the ATT Request Form. This email contains payment information and can be used as a receipt.
4. Candidate receives ATT email with scheduling instructions after authorization information has been successfully transmitted to testing vendor (typically within a few minutes of completing the online request form).
5. Candidate schedules exam with testing vendor.

Is there a document available to candidates outlining the exam registration process? 

Yes. There is an APICS Exam Handbook available, which outlines APICS exam processes and policies for the exam candidate. The handbook is available at

How do candidates obtain an ATT? 

Candidates may complete the ATT Request Form at (requires log-in). After payment is applied and the authorization information is successfully transmitted to the testing vendor, the ATT email with scheduling instructions is sent to the candidate from

When I was approved for CSCP eligibility I received an Authorization to Test email. Why do I have to get another one?

Until recently, APICS referred to CSCP eligibility approval notifications as Authorizations to Test. Those approval notifications are not the same as the ATTs currently required to schedule an exam. We have since changed the language in the approval notifications to reflect this change.

The name on my ATT is different from the name in my Pearson VUE profile. How do I fix this?

If the name on the ATT is correct and the name in your Pearson VUE profile is incorrect, you will need to contact Pearson VUE directly to update your name. 
Pearson VUE contact information

If the name on your ATT is incorrect and the name in your Pearson VUE profile is correct, email to request an update to the name in your APICS profile. You may be asked to provide supporting documentation such as a copy of your government-issued identification.

What forms of payment are accepted for an ATT? May I request an invoice and pay by wire transfer? 

You may pay by exam credit, credit card, PayPal, exam voucher (North America only) or wire transfer. If the wire transfer option is selected, APICS includes payment instructions in the confirmation email sent after the ATT request is submitted. In this case, the ATT is not created until the wire transfer is received and applied to the authorization order.

How can I obtain an exam credit, if I choose this payment method? 

APICS partners, including North American chapters, are authorized to sell exam credits to candidates. Please visit our partner center to locate an APICS partner near you. In some cases, you may also be able to obtain an exam credit from your company. Your organization’s internal APICS contact can tell you if this is an option.

Can I pay for my ATT in a currency other than USD? 

Yes. If you are planning to test outside the United States, you should first contact a local APICS partner to see if purchasing an exam credit is an option for you. APICS partners can accept payment in the local currency, and often at a better price than purchasing from APICS directly. Please visit our partner center to locate an APICS partner near you. Otherwise, if you pay APICS directly when requesting your ATT, you will have the option to pay by PayPal, which accepts several different types of currencies. 

I have unused/unexpired North American exam vouchers. Will I still be able to use them with the new program? 

Yes. To use your exam voucher, enter the voucher code on the payment screen of the ATT Request Form.

How soon after requesting an ATT from APICS will I be able to schedule an APICS exam? 

In most cases, you may schedule with Pearson VUE within the same day that you request an ATT. Once you receive the ATT email with the scheduling instructions, you may schedule an exam.

Is there a document explaining the exam scheduling procedure on the Pearson VUE website? 

Yes, you may download those documents here.
Pearson VUE Scheduling Process.

Where can I view a list of available test centers?

To view a list of test centers, select the Locate a Test Center option at

Can I see available appointments before purchasing an ATT?

Candidates must have an ATT in order to view available appointments through Pearson VUE's online scheduling system at this time. Calling Pearson VUE customer service could be an option for candidates who want to know availability before purchasing an ATT.
Pearson VUE contact information

When do I choose a testing location?

You will be prompted to select the country in which you plan to test at the time you complete the ATT Request Form. You will choose the actual test center when you schedule with the test vendor; it is expected that you will choose a location in the same country.

What should I do if I am unable to find an available test time or location when scheduling my exam? 

First, consider selecting a different test center in your area. This could mean selecting a different state/province or country, depending on your location. If you are still unable to find an available test time or location, it is sometimes possible to contact the test center directly to ask if any accommodations could be made for you.

Do I receive immediate exam results upon completion of the test? 

Yes. You are provided a score report prior to leaving the test center. In the event that the score report cannot be printed, the test center staff files an incident report to request that a score report be emailed to you.

What should I do if I need a copy of my score report? 

Please follow the instructions below to download your score report.

  • Login into your My APICS account
  • Scroll down to the Exam Authorization and Credits banner
  • Locate program and to the right click View/Modify or Reschedule (whichever is listed)
  • You will be directed to the Pearson VUE website.
  • Click on the Home link at top of page
  • Click on View Score Reports
  • Click on View for your report

Exam Credits

How do I use my exam credit?

Once the exam credit has been issued, it automatically appears as a payment option when you complete the ATT Request Form, as long as the exam and country information selected in the request form match the exam and region for which the exam credit was issued.

Important Links/Email Addresses

To request an Authorization to Test (ATT):
General questions about computer-based testing:
Pearson VUE:

Glossary of Related Terms

ATT—Authorization to Test; an exam registration/purchase.

Authorization expiration—the date through which an ATT is valid.

CBT—computer-based testing

Exam credit—a prepayment for an APICS exam

Pearson VUE—the test vendor authorized to deliver APICS exams

Voucher—a Pearson VUE-specific prepayment for an APICS exam; precursor to the exam credit program. Unused vouchers can still be used as payment in the online ATT Request Form.