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Anywhere Proctored (AWP) Exam Instructions

Please follow the instructions below if you are a proctor or a candidate taking an exam for the following APICS programs:

  • APICS Global Logistics Associate (GLA)
  • APICS Supply Chain Assurance of Learning for the Global Supply Chain Associate (GSCA)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not proceed unless directed to by your school administrator or proctor.

Browser Lock can only be downloaded on the computer/laptop on which you are taking the exam. Before downloading Browser Lock, please contact your proctor or exam administrator to ensure this is the computer you will be using for the exam.

An exam proctor must be present for the entire duration of the exam. You will not be able to begin the exam without the proctor/instructor’s assistance.

Exam Proctors

  • Proctors must be present for the duration of exam delivery and actively monitor exam administration. Proctors may not leave the students unattended while taking the exam.
  • Verify the computer used for the exam meets the minimum specifications. If you need to configure computers prior to the testing event, see step 3 in the Taking the Exam section below.
  • Proctors and school administrators should check the Outage Schedule prior to scheduling student exams. Exams cannot be administered during a scheduled outage.
  • For more detailed proctor instructions, please see the proctor handbook.

Proctor help?

If you are the proctor and experiencing issues with your username, password or Private Access Code, please contact:

Email: or call: +1 (773) 867-1778, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm CT.

Technical problems during the exam delivery?

If technical issues arise while the exam is being delivered, the proctor (not the exam taker) should visit the Pearson VUE Client Application Support website for assistance. 

Exam Takers

  • All students/exam takers will need to access their My APICS account before taking the exam. You will need to have your My APICS web account username and password to sign in to take your exam. To reset your account password Click Here. Please ensure that you have the correct access prior to your scheduled exam.
  • Your school administrator and/or proctor will determine if computers or laptops will be assigned or if you are required to bring your own. If you use your own computer to take the exam, verify that the computer you choose to use meets the minimum specifications. Please contact your proctor/instructor for more information prior to your scheduled exam.
  • Before you can begin your exam, you must download and install Browser Lock, a file that will enable the exam to run. This process will take a short time and will not count against your exam time. This is what you can expect once you begin this process:
    • You will be asked to download an APICS.msi file.
    • You will need to run and install this file.
    • You will need to go to your desktop where you will find a shortcut with an icon named “Pearson VUE Browser Lock.” You must close all browser windows before you open the application. You will not be able to launch Browser Lock and begin the exam will unless all applications are closed.
    • Double click the icon. This will run the file that will display a page where you can access your My APICS account.
    • If you experience issues and cannot run the file, view this document for more tips.
    • Once you have accessed your My APICS account using these steps, you may begin your exam.

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