Mentors/Advisors Needed

In addition to the team members, each team is required to have an APICS member registered to serve as the team's faculty advisor or industry mentor, serving in an oversight role. If the case is assigned as part of a class, then the teaching faculty should serve as advisor. If a team is formed outside of a classroom assignment, then the team has an option of either 1) finding a faculty advisor willing to provide team oversight, or 2) finding an APICS member to serve as the team mentor. The advisor/mentor does not help the team with solutions, but ensures that the team performs their work and completes their submissions according to the rules and procedures. The judging rubric is also available for your consideration.

Faculty Advisors

If you are a faculty member considering using the case in your class, please feel free to download the case.

Industry Mentors

If you are interested in serving as a team mentor, contact your local APICS chapter representative responsible for college/university relations in your area. If you already have a student team formed that wishes for you to serve as a mentor, please complete the form below. You may download the case for review prior to committing to serve as a mentor.

College/University-wide Representative

Since there may be multiple groups, classes, and disciplines participating in the case competition, each college/university is required to name one individual who will be responsible for identifying the up to two winning teams from your school. This individual will hold the responsibility of arbiter, in case of multiple advisors or groups of teams being involved. If there is any dispute regarding who has the authority to serve in that role, please contact APICS to make a final selection of the college/university-wide representative.