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APICS Train the Trainer


The two-day interactive APICS TTT course prepares supply chain and operations management professionals to teach adult training and APICS instructor development courses. This APICS course provides 8 lesson plans for instructors with a successful and workable methodology that can be applied to teaching any subject.

This interactive two-day 8-lesson class includes these topics:

  • the training process
  • learning objectives and lesson plans
  • effective media selection and use
  • learning styles, communication and motivation
  • dealing with learner challenges
  • training evaluation

Workshop participants also design and deliver practice presentations and receive feedback.

Course Administration

  • The APICS TTT Participant Workbooks can only be purchased by instructors or partners who verify that an APICS Master of Instructor Training will teach or co-teach the course.
  • You must be recognized by APICS as an Associate, Lead, or Master of Instructor Training within the APICS Instructor Development Program to purchase the APICS TTT Instructor Kits.
  • All APICS TTT courses must:
    • Be taught by two recognized APICS Instructor Training
    • One co-instructor must be an APICS Master Instructor Training. The other co-instructor may be an APICS Associate, Lead, or Master Instructor Training.      
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To purchase the APICS Train the Trainer Kit and Participant Workbook 5.0, contact APICS Customer Service at service@apics.org  or at +1.800.444.2742 (8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., US-Central, Monday - Friday). 

The sale of Train the Trainer participant workbooks now are restricted to Lead, Master and Instructor Training instructors, or to the chapters and districts using a recognized Master of Instructor Training to teach or co-teach the class.


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