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Why Become an APICS Recognized Instructor?

Educate. Mentor. Excel. Lead.

The APICS Instructor Development Program (IDP) creates an environment where you can enhance your instructional skills to deliver the highest-quality educational experience for your learners.

Acquire innovative instruction techniques from a community of dedicated APICS Instructors.  The techniques are designed to enhance your instructional skills and to help your learners succeed in passing APICS exams and attaining certification.

APICS offers tiered instructor designations to hone your existing skills while developing more complex instructional skills. These tiers advance your success as an APICS Recognized Instructor to pair you with the courseware that best matches your education and experience and to maximize your earning potential as an APICS Recognized Instructor.

  • Ideal for beginning instructors, instructors with experience in one or two program areas, or more experienced instructors who only teach a particular program infrequently.
  • Associate Instructors may seek to be mentored by Lead or Master instructors through their local APICS chapter, partner or approved APICS educational provider.
  • Designed for instructors with approved subject matter expertise in two to five subject areas.
  • Subject matter experts with deep practical experience are expected to be the critical core of the APICS IDP. Learners consistently seek instructors with “hands on” experience in a given area.
  • Lead Instructors may mentor Associate and other Lead instructors through their local APICS chapter, partner or approved APICS educational provider.
  • A perfect match for the full-time APICS Recognized Instructor. Masters set the standard for high-quality education by demonstrating expertise in the full scope of the APICS courseware and in leading edge instructional techniques.
  • Contributes to APICS courseware and evaluates other instructors’ performance.
  • Master Instructors may mentor Associate, Lead and other Master instructors through their local APICS chapter, partner or approved APICS educational provider.

How do I apply to the APICS Instructor Development Program?

  1. Be an active APICS Member
  2. Maintain a current APICS certification (CPIM, CSCP) or endorsement (SCOR-P)
  3. Download and complete the 2016-apics-instructor-application-revb6
  4. Submit the application electronically to idpapps@apics.org
  5. Include the following documents with your application:
    1. Professional Recommendation Letter
    2. APICS Partner Endorsement Letter
    3. Current Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    4. Additional information that you wish to provide to support your application (e.g., training materials that you developed, teaching certificates, speaker bios, articles or publications, APICS course certificates of attendance)
  6. Complete the APICS Instructor Training Course (e.g., Train the Trainer, Learning Dynamics for Instructors) for the designation that you are seeking. APICS may recognize an equivalent course on a case-by-case basis.

There is a minimal application fee for administration and processing.  If you have any questions, send us an email at IDPapps@apics.org, or contact April Arnold, Professional Development, at 1-800-444-2742 or +1-773-867-1778, ext. 5820, for more information. 

For detailed information on how you can further develop your instructor skills, view our catalog of APICS Education for Instructors.

Instructor Development Program (IDP) Maintenance

Maintaining a base of dedicated and qualified instructors is a core component of our learners' experience and our APICS partners' success. The APICS IDP is dedicated to the ongoing elevation of the skills and performance of all APICS Recognized Instructors to maintain and enhance their learners' experience. 

IDP Maintenance Resources 

IDP Maintenance requires APICS Recognized Instructors (IDP instructors) to maintain their instructional skills, body of knowledge credentials, membership and requisite affiliations during the 5-year maintenance cycle period. The first cycle begins January 1, 2018. The IDP Maintenance application fee is USD $75. Below is an overview of the maintenance requirements. For more detailed information, download the IDP Maintenance Resources below:

IDP Maintenance Overview

IDP Maintenance Resources

You must be in the APICS IDP to have access to the following maintenance links. You will be prompted to login with your APICS ID and password: